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We can't wait to see our clients, partners and friends at MRI Ascend 2023! Swing by to see us at booth #520/522 to chat about what's happening with Bottomline AP automation and payments software. Or, click below to book an on-site meeting.


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Speed up invoice and payments processing, while reducing fraud risk

Digitize every step of the invoice and payments process. Or just one part. It's your choice.

Bottomline AP automation solutions help you reduce fraud risk by putting invoice and payments processing online in one secure portal. Plus, when you automate your vendor payments, you'll sleep easier at night because your vendors will be fully validated and authenticated before you ever make a payment.

BT process & representation 119

Process invoices with the help of advanced tech

BT currency & payments 98

Max your rebates with secure vendor payments

BT security fraud & risk 162

Get unmatched, multi-layered fraud protection


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AP’s Top Fraud Threats and How to Protect Your Organization Against Them

Check fraud. Business Email Compromise. Account Takeover. You’ve heard about these threats but may wonder about how best to ward them off. Chris Gerda, Bottomline’s Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer, will provide practical and actionable tips you can use to do so. Plus, he’ll share how Bottomline’s B2B payment network secures $400 billion in payments each year with ZERO instances of fraud. 





When: Thursday, October 26, 2023, 1:30-2:15pm CST

Speaker: Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer


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