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Bottomline is a proud sponsor of NACHA’s Smarter, Faster, Payments event taking place in Las Vegas, NV.

Visit Bottomline’s booth #529 to learn more about our Commercial and Business Online Banking Platform that is configurable, enabling you to provide simplicity, usability and personalization to your business customers.  Also learn about our Fraud & Financial Crime Management Solutions, which provide you with unparalleled protection from fraud and financial crime, while helping you to secure your digital channel and comply with regulations.

Banking’s new imperative is to deliver customer-centric digital transformation based on the pillars of cash management, payments innovation, rich customer insights and experiences, data connectivity and risk mitigation.

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Test your chances at our booth, #529, at NACHA!

15-Minute Flash Demo!

Protect your Business from Email Compromise.

A Live Demo of Bottomline’s Digital Banking IQ and Secure Payments

April 18, 9:20am, Solution Center in the Exhibit Hall

Social Engineering schemes are still some of the most prominent methods that fraudsters use to attack organizations. These schemes are getting more complex and as an effect, even more difficult to monitor. Come and see a demonstration on how Bottomline’s  Digital Banking IQ and Secure Payments solutions can provide an end-to-end solution that can safeguard against these threats without sacrificing the positive experience that you strive to provide your customers.


Brian Hall, Senior Solutions Consultant

Albert Laino, Solution Consultant Team Lead

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Hear directly from Bottomline at NACHA in the following sessions:

Speaking Session 1

Maximizing Embedded Payment Experiences through Integrated Payables

April 18, 2023 | 11:20 am | PT

Gunita Bindra, VP of Commercial Product Management, Bottomline

With experts from U.S. Bank and Kyriba

Companies are seeking embedded finance experiences from financial institutions (FIs) and fintechs that enable payments and reporting within their existing workflows. FIs and fintechs are embracing the opportunity to better partner to deliver integrated solutions that take less time and resources to implement. That offer companies the flexibility to work with banks and fintechs of their choice. Speakers in this session discuss FI and fintech partnerships that enable companies to leverage leading industry specific fintech user experience (UX) and connectivity, combined with the trust and security of established banking partners.   

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Speaking Session 2

Protect Your Accounts Payable Team from Emerging B2B Payment Fraud Threats.

April 18, 2023 | 2:00 PM | PT

Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer, Bottomline

With experts from Bank of America and Mastercard

Fraud is like the deluge of spam calls you’re getting in 2022: Endless, frustrating and difficult to avoid. As remote work and rapidly evolving technology become commonplace in the world of B2B payments, new fraud risks have emerged, imperiling your payments at a time when you least need the problem to exist.  

Throughout this compelling conversation, you will get advice from our panel of experts about how to reduce the risk of your critical systems being compromised in order to protect your company and your suppliers against payment fraud. 

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New Version for NACHA 2023!

Bottomline’s Digital Magazine is a collection of articles and insights curated just for NACHA 2023 attendees. This is a targeted collection of assets related to our industry that you don’t want to miss. Explore it now to avoid leaving your bottom line to chance.

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video time: 05:33 video title: BT Report from Nacha 22

Hear from Bottomline on insights from NACHA 2022!

This week Nashville was the only city on the planet where you could learn about real-time payments, the fraud concerns associated with it and then grab a little snifter of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon for $275. The decimal is in the right place, by the way. I learned a lot and skipped the Pappy at the just-wrapped NACHA Smarter Faster Payments conference.

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