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The world is suddenly in a very different place as we head towards the end of the first year of the new decade. For banks, this has meant an accelerated adaptation from old ways to new. Engagement and interactions with customers have never been more important.

At Bottomline, we're committed to helping banks find new ways to seamlessly connect and empower customers through change.

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#SIBOS2020 Now

In the weeks leading up to #SIBOS2020, we'll feature influential FinTech voices to get their take on the state of the industry, where it's going and how financial institutions can adapt to 2020 and beyond.

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video time: 21:20 video title: Visa and Bottomline discuss the evolution of and outlook for cross-border payments

Visa and Bottomline discuss the evolution of and outlook for cross-border payments

Correspondent banking traces its roots to the Italian Renaissance and trading routes through Florence. Just in time for Sibos, Payments Podcast speaks with Alan Koenigsberg, Global Head of New Payment Flows at Visa Business Solutions, and Rob Eberle, CEO, Bottomline, to discuss the new world of cross border payments, the good and bad of the traditional correspondent banking model and how some of today’s tech giants are bringing new options into the market.

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video time: 03:18 video title: Intelligent engagement. Adapt, accelerate, advance.

Intelligent Engagement in Commercial Banking

Digital disruption and transformation means that banks today face economic, competitive and regulatory challenges that are very different from what they have faced in the past. The pace of change is accelerating, customer expectations and demands are increasing and competitive threats are coming from new and different directions. Norm DeLuca, Managing Director of Banking Solutions explains how to put the customer focus at the center of your bank’s digital transformation.

2020 is unlike any year before it.

The Business Payments Barometer gives a snapshot in time before new ways of working transpire. We’ve seen a significant impact on business payments already, with new regulations and greater fraud losses. Staying well-informed of these changes will be a strong focus in 2020, but highest on the agenda will be how companies can accelerate the process of digitization as we deal with and emerge from the COVID pandemic.

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video time: 01:10:25 video title: Payment Modernization: “Are we nearly there yet?”

The UK Payments industry is currently undergoing a once-in-a-generation shift.

What are the imminent changes to the UK payments landscape, and why they are happening

How you can comply with – and future-proof against – new regulations with your payment processing technology

When you will need to take action, with tips on what to expect from your business payment processing technology


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