In contrast, Bottomline’s 2024 Market Outlook Report for Commercial Banking focuses on six trends that lie well within your control. Our strategic approach zeroes in on specific, well-defined opportunities to increase revenue, optimize digital transformation efforts, manage liquidity, and bolster the strength of your client relationships. It is here – in the decisions you make about how to manage business payments and navigate the world of multibank relationships – that you can architect your bank’s success.


The six trends in 2024 for Commercial Banking


1. The ascendance of multibank relationships

Due to economic uncertainties and bank failures, multibank relationships are rapidly becoming the norm for commercial and corporate customers.


2. The advancement of commercial-specific

Platforms Commercial-specific platforms are being increasingly acknowledged as essential for banks doing business with businesses.


3. The proliferation of real-time payments

With the modernization of real-time payments technology, use cases for instant payments are proliferating, with liquidity management topping the list.


4. The criticality of data analytics and peer benchmarking

Data analytics allow banks to measure performance and identify patterns with precision, and to leverage peer benchmarking to gain critical insights.


5. The maturation of fintech partnerships

Banks are seeking out fintechs to help them provide new offerings that deliver compelling value propositions and unique customer experiences.


6. The acceleration of cross-border payments

Cross-border payments are now fast and reliable courtesy of Swift and Wise, bolstering business growth.


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