Digital transformation in banking is nothing new - the industry has been talking about it for years. Still, some financial institutions are dragging their feet, not preparing for the change that's happening at every level in the banking industry. New technology and new competition means heightened expectations for account opening and beyond. 

Today's competitive landscape requires financial institutions to reexamine everything in the business around the new possibilities that technology introduces. 

How is digital transformation in banking changing the industry:

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The customer journey is evolving

It's time to reimagine every aspect of the customer journey.

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Omni-channel and omni-product solutions

Are they 'nice-to-haves" or have they become "must-haves"?

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The importance of data

Not just collecting the data, but how you use it.

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Complicated tech stacks

Is your tech stack making processes and workflows more complicated?

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Speed to market

Time is of the essence. Are you meeting customer needs fast enough?

BT personnel 141

Internal cultures are shifting

Investing in new technology means nothing if the internal teams are not behind it. 

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Reinventing the acquisition model

Time to think outside the traditional branch footprint and acquisition model.

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Branches and digital are working together

Digital transformation isn't reserved solely for digital channels.

Why digital transformation in banking matters?

Improving digital sales capabilities will be the single most important task for FIs if they want to stay competitive in the coming years


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