What to do?



Learn the basics.


As of April 2022, all connected BICs will be granted automatic access to the Relationship Management Portal and distribution service. If a BIC wants to delegate its RMA management to another BIC within its hierarchy, then they must complete and submit the e-form.

April 2022

Set up your environment.

April - July 2022

Configure certificates with RBAC roles.

April - July 2022

Connect to the Relationship Management Portal using the URLs for the pilot or live services.

April - July 2022

Validate centrally stored authorisations.

Centrally stored FIN authorisations will be used as the basis for the FINplus bootstrap

Use reports from the portal and compare with reports from your local RMA database.

Central RMA Validation Guidelines

April - July 2022

Optional: Opt in for the bootstrap of Category 9 messages
Future bootstrap windows will be available.

April - June 2022

Review the bootstrapped records in the RMA Portal
Customers are fully and exclusively responsible for validating the result of the bootstrap exercise.

July 2022 - 20 March 2023

Extract the distribution file from the RMA Portal.

Important!: Extract only records for the swift.finplus service!

July 2022 - 20 March 2023

Import bootstrapped FINplus relationships into your RMA interface (see the RMA Service Operations Guide) and distribute to your messaging interface.

Important!: Importing an RMA distribution file will remove the history for these records. Therefore import only the bootstrapped FINplus records. You must take a database back-up before importing this distribution file to retain the FINplus record history.

July 2022 - 20 March 2023

Adhere to the new RMA principles to issue consistent cross-channel RMA authorisations, either by systematically creating authorisations for the different channels, or by using the Relationship Management Portal.

Central RMA management will be available at the end of 2022.

30 July 2022

Activate central RMA Management for pilot and live services
Optional until December 2023 (tentative date) when SWIFT no longer supports customers’ local RMA interfaces.
Activation means the following:

You accept central authorisations as your main RMA database. SWIFT will reject locally issued RMA updates.

You will see an activation screen in the Relationship Management Portal where you can activate central management after accepting the Terms and Conditions of the portal.

After activation, your institution can use your local RMA interface only to manage “local authorisations”.

By December 2023


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