Why is Bottomline trusted by property and causality claims organizations?

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Return on investment

Bottomline LSM clients realize a ROI savings of up to 7:1

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bill reviewers for
bill reviewers

A full team of bill reviewers and Independent Adjuster bill reviewers

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Technology plus service

Unique combination of e-billing invoice technology and legal services

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Years of expertise

A team of Independent Adjuster auditors with 5 or more years of experience

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Independent adjuster bill review for P&C claims maximizes productivity – freeing an average of 10% of your claims adjuster's time.

It assists you in better managing the high cost of Independent Adjusters through the use of e-billing invoice technology with the expert bill review of Bottomline's seasoned auditors who review each bill to determine any errors or overages.

Bottomline's bill review staff apply their expertise to your guidelines and claim handling philosophies to help you achieve your legal spend management goals and ensure you pay only what you owe.


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Streamline your legal bill review for improved data integrity, accuracy and cost savings

Main Street America Group operates six property/casualty insurance carriers throughout the U.S. Its manual, paper-based legal bill review process included invoices in different formats from various platforms. Learn how Bottomline’s Legal-X bill review solutions helped bring Main Street America’s legal bills into compliance and delivered significant time and cost savings.

Main Street America Streamlines Legal Bill Review with E-Billing

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