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Offered as a SaaS-based solution, Legal-X helps organizations control legal spend by validating invoice data to determine whether submitted rates and expenses are conforming to pre-determined billing guidelines. In addition to e-billing, Legal-X also offers powerful on-board reporting functionality that addresses your every data need, including monitoring and compliance, operational and executive and vendor and performance analytics.

This, combined with Advanced Auditing tools, Web Services, highly productive dashboard widgets and a new Claims Case Module, is why Legal-X is chosen more than any other spend management solution in the industry.

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Benefits and features

Automated bill review

Fully configurable rules engine that assesses if rates and expenses conform to billing guidelines and other parameters

A complete set of standard reports and business intelligence tools to support the analysis of legal expenses and trends

Dashboard widgets that deliver instant access to simplified views of decision support metrics

Configurable screens and workflow set-ups that give users the ability to quickly segregate data by status, firm, invoice source, claim type, approval structure, rules, rates, budgets, even timekeeper

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Real-time data exchange with other internal systems (Claims & Accounts Payable) eliminating duplicate data entry

Advanced Auditing Tools that make it possible to take action across multiple invoices in a single view

Intelligent workload design that promotes strategic usage eliminating extra steps

Expanded integration capabilities through Web services, including Create and Update Case features

Ability to handle documents and receipts

Visually map connections between suspect activities and users according to a range of variables link analysis diagrams that link together connected events

Ability to capture only relevant data, mask sensitive data and encrypt and digitally sign it with only approved employees accessing data

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