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According to CIFAS, a not-for-profit fraud prevention service in the UK, some 270 staff in the financial sector were reported to the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database in 2021, with 41 percent of those cases involving the theft of cash. These were not technically-minded individuals, however; the most likely suspects of insider fraud were non-technical, non-management employees who had been with the company for over 10 years.

Find out the key findings and how this can inform your internal risk prevention strategy.

What we'll cover:

1. Fraud challenges

2. Factors driving insider fraud risk

3. Addressing insider fraud

4. Confidence in protection against insider fraud

5. Departments responsible for preventing insider fraud

6. Monitoring

7. Investment in insider fraud risk management software

8. Outside organizations

9. Investigating insider fraud

10. Automating solution for insider fraud

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32% of respondents highlighted data leakage via insider fraud as a current problem

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