In 1969, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote the legendary song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. What started as a nod to how people at the time were looking toward extremes but mostly had to settle for what they needed, turned into a message often referenced in making decisions today.

We have often seen this sentiment exhibited by organizations that have outgrown their current systems and are looking for a more robust enterprise case management solution. This reactive approach often leads to extenuating pressure that comes from greater work volumes and increased risk exposure from a growing business. This pressure can have a direct impact to internal process flows along with an external impact to the customer-facing experience.

This is a great problem to have by the way! Ultimately, what ends up happening is that most organizations who find themselves in this scenario will gravitate towards the less expensive, “check the box” vendor.

Luckily, it’s no longer 1969 and organizations who are ready to embark on or optimize their systems, are finding a world of enterprise case management solutions that can help cover your needs for today, and your wants of tomorrow.

Whether you are beginning your search from a reactive or proactive position, the right solution you identify must have the capabilities to ensure streamlined internal processes and seamless customer experience. Evaluating various types of enterprise case management vendors is a critical step in finding the solution that is right for your organization, and not an exercise where sacrificing capabilities for cost or succumbing to the pressure of mounting volumes and exposures to risk will be driving your decisions. If you are ready to take the next step, below you will find that we have identified 12 of the most value-driving and impactful features that customers seek within an investigative use case. This comparison matrix of aggregated data from various organizations in the case management space will hopefully be helpful to you in identifying which features may be most important so that you may derive the most value from your buying journey.

Key benefits and outcomes

BT security fraud & risk 169

Concentrate on analysis and reviewing alerts rather than manually collecting and processing data

BT process & representation 118

Adopt a risk-based approach through streamlined and fully customizable workflows according to your requirements, saving time and effort

BT documentation & messaging 55

Reduce manual burdens by facilitating automated interdiction, workflow escalation, and alert and case management

BT security fraud & risk 158

Respond quicker to threats as they emerge with powerful analytics and dashboards

BT action 82

Take a proactive approach to finding and tracking enterprise risk

BT currency & payments 97

Reduce investigator costs by minimizing investigative rework needed since information from disparate systems will be in one centralized place

BT action 88

Analyze data and patterns with the right context when making a decision

It’s important to remember when investing in an enterprise solution, you want to ensure it can continue to grow with your organization. Bottomline offers various solution enhancements that helps your organization grow from what is a good fit right now, to tackling the complexities of a growing portfolio offering.

Case Management Optimization

Using our decades of payment and financial crime expertise, Bottomline can provide out of the box workflows and case types

No-code configuration through the user interface can allow for easy changes to alerts, cases reports, and workflows

True enterprise solution where different alerts and cases can be worked on in one platform

Easily expand your case management solution to support dispute and complaint management processes*

Monitor network activity for investigations and ingest the data for consumption in advanced analytical models using Record and Replay*

Visualize entity relationships and activities using Visual Link Analysis (VLA)*

SAR/ Regulatory Filings*:

Track all relevant information needed for regulatory findings when malfeasance does occur

E-file directly to FINCEN to submit fully formatted and validated forms (US Only)

Automatically generate reports and track each filing as it is processed

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