Detection of insider threats remains a challenge for organizational security teams. The bad actors have legitimate access to the sensitive data. This research service includes a detailed analysis of global Insider Risk Management market dynamics, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning analysis. The goal is to provide strategic information for technology vendors to better understand the market supporting their growth strategies and for users to evaluate different vendors capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.


Key Market Drivers and Technology Trends

User and Device Monitoring enables organizations to monitor and track all user and linked device activities to detect suspicious user behavior and provides advanced protection techniques to respond to security incidents. 

Advanced Threat Detection provides visibility and control over internal data access, prevents organizational security violations, enables organizational IT systems to detect insider threats, and minimizes security vulnerabilities with its advanced threat detection capability.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics detect, alert, prevent, and respond to known and unknown user behavior or attacks before they affect the organization. The capability helps identify malicious insiders and detect whether a user’s credentials have been hacked or misused.

Risk Response Automation mitigates threats automatically in real-time by monitoring users’ activities regarding applications as well as data and automatically blocks or restricts access to an application or privileged data in case of unusual behavior. 

Audit and Reporting capabilities allow organizations to easily audit users’ and suppliers’ access and provide information regarding their activities to spot and prevent any suspicious activity.

Analytics and Dashboarding provide holistic insights into suspicious/unauthorized file movement and likely data exfiltration activities in the corporate network to understand the impact of the implemented IRM solution by displaying the number of threats mitigated in advance by the solution. 

Data Loss Prevention capabilities that allow organizations to identify, classify, as well as gather information on privileged data and block any unauthorized users or malicious insiders attempting to access the privileged data.

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