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3 important trends you can't ignore

BT documentation & messaging 47 Everyone's going digital

BT process & representation 118 Paying is getting easier

BT data representation 32 Cloud changed the game

Let’s face it, your customers have never had so much choice.

Easy access to products and services online has created fierce competition and limited differentiation. The result is that checkout is now a crucial moment in the customer experience. But despite all the competition and urgency, online transactions can still be painful.

Clearly, the online checkout experience is mission-critical for your business, and you want to do everything you can to ensure customers do not abandon their purchases. Your checkout needs to be faster, easier, more transparent and above all safer – fraud is a serious concern for consumers.

But a good customer experience is wasted if it’s costing you time and money in the backend. The checkout needs to efficiently reduce complex admin headaches, speed up settlement and lower transaction cost. Otherwise you’re losing the upside of a winning customer experience. You need a solution that delivers a better payment experience and improves how you receive funds in a fast-changing environment.

Spoiler alert: That’s us and Pay Direct.

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