Key Market Drivers and Technology Trends

The Insider Risk Management solution is evolving, getting more robust and gaining traction with forward thinking solution providers, specifically when insider risk management vendors are expanding into multiple sectors by developing new capabilities to replace traditional tools.

Traditional technologies such as data loss prevention tools, privileged access management solutions, and other solutions are insufficient to identify insider threat behavior because cloud adoption creates a complex threat fabric that necessitates enhanced security that uses purpose-built technique to identify insider threats.

The demand for managing and assessing insider risk is increasing as organisations are providing access to contractors, employees, and remote vendors to the organisation’s network, application, and databases. And employee, remote vendors and contractors have been detected as the primary cause of insider attacks.

With the continuous evolution and increasing sophistication of insider threats, vendors are rapidly adopting AI, ML, and new robust techniques for a comprehensive solution that is capable of detecting, alerting, and responding to threats in real-time.

With disrupted business scenarios, an increase in remote working, and a sharp increase in insider risk during the Covid-19 pandemic, critical investments in insider risk management solutions are growing, with organisations focusing on security and providing uninterrupted access to users.

The emergence of stringent data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and others is forcing businesses to adopt advanced security and compliance solutions to improve their defence strategies and compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

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