Managing legal expenses can be a daunting task for in-house claims teams, especially when dealing with multiple law firms operating in diverse jurisdictions across hundreds of cases, each with its unique complexities and potential volatility.

Bottomline’s Legal Spend Management program provides a unified solution to consistently control spend, increase efficiency, and deliver actionable insights that enable our customers to improve decision-making and results.

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Control Your Legal Spend

Our solution delivers our clients substantial cost savings, typically 6% to 10%, based on their specific program goals. We collaborate to establish legal billing guidelines aligned with industry standards and our software ensures adherence to these guidelines, automatically flagging and adjusting any infractions, maximizing savings.

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Improve Decision Making and Results

Our premium analytics empower customers to transform from reactive to strategic value drivers in their claims organization. Unlock invaluable insights through versatile dashboards covering case trends, firm comparisons, litigation phases, case watch lists, and more.

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Increase Efficiency of Your Invoice Review and Approval

In today's fast-paced business environment, time is critical. Our Legal-X software and Expert Bill Review teams deliver a significant reduction in legal invoice review time.  This enables your team to focus on high-value work, strategic decisions, and organizational success.

Legal Expenses are one of the highest costs in any insurance program. Your claims team or third-party administrator does the best they can to manage those costs, but let’s face it – they’ve already got their hands full just trying to stay ahead of the claims lifecycle. Plus, monitoring professional services requires a significant amount of time and a certain expertise. It’s hard to know what to look for unless you’ve had the appropriate training and experience.

We've created a four-part e-book series to assist claims teams in evaluating their legal spend management programs. Whether you're in the process of implementing one or already have it in place, ensuring it delivers the desired results is crucial. We believe this information will prove valuable in your quest for effective legal spend management.

In this series, we’ve developed a blueprint to help you:

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1. Determine the need for a
legal spend management program

In book 1 of 4 learn the 4 essential questions every claims legal team needs to ask itself to know if a legal spend management program is right for your organization.


2. Evaluate the benefits

In book 2 of 4 learn how to predict the value of a legal spend management program so you can build the business case for implementing one.


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3. Choose the best vendor

In book 3 of 4 learn the 9 essential items you need to consider when evaluating your potential legal spend management vendor.


4. Launch a program successfully

In book 4 of 4 learn the 6 pillars of success you should follow to have a strong implementation and foundation for your new legal spend management program. 


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“Implementing the Legal-X solution was the best decision we have made in legal bill review.  It has exceeded our expectations and continues to allow us to make effective decisions.”

Sr. Vice President, Claims & ICS, Top 15 property/casualty insurance group

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of Success


There is no upfront cost to customers who chose
Bottomline LSM making it a safe, low-risk option for claims programs.

We do not charge for implementation because we are 100% sure that your spend management program will succeed.




Your assigned Bottomline Client Advisor will be dedicated to ensuring the success of your spend management goals infinitum.




Our customer support teams consistently record
NPS scores that are more than double the industry average.

Over 80% of our support calls come from law firms, and with over 14K total firms using Legal X, your firms will already be familiar with our solution​.

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