What Paymode-X does for your business.

We feel your pain. 

The world is digital now, and yet you still find yourself buried in paper, plodding through manual tasks and exposed to risk.

We know it seems hard to get from here to there. 

This is where Bottomline comes in. We'll guide you along the way to AP automation so you can benefit from the good stuff: Faster, safer, and simpler accounts payable.

Minimize dependencies on manual processes by automating and creating efficiencies in every step of your AP process

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Make every payment via a secure network with multi-layer security that protects both you and your vendors.

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Improve cash flow through automation, rebates, discounts and fewer late fees

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Eliminate or automate every AP process you use today and you could realize these benefits: 

Annual rebates
The cash back on AP spend you can expect to receive by enrolling Vendors in Premium ACH and card payments.


Annual Cost savings
The money you will be able to save by digitizing more of your payments mix, removing paper checks and invoices from the process.


Annual net benefit
Annual Net Benefit = Annual Rebates + Cost Savings - Recurring Fees


Adjust the calculator settings to see how much you could save by switching to Paymode-X.

Disclaimer: The results based on this calculator are indicative only and any actual savings may be greater or less than those shown.


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Improve AP efficiency

Our customers come to us looking for a better way to handle their complex invoice and payment requirements. Here's what Paymode-X AP Automation delivers for those customers.

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Replace the knot of drawn-out, manual processes with a smooth, automated AP automation solution. We cut potentially dozens of steps down to a handful, creating simplicity across all payment types.

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Insights instead of guesswork, clean data trails instead of convoluted ones. That's what we all want, and that's Paymode-X delivers with critical data you need when you need it.

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Increasing payment volume should not mean increasing headaches. We accelerate business and payment growth while ensuring better efficiency.

92% of our customers rated Paymode-X authentication of vendor identity and bank information as better than the competition

Minimize the risk of payment fraud

We process more than $250 billion per year without fraud. We’ve fine-tuned and fortified an approach that allows for multi-layered authentication and security for every payment in the network.

  • Protect against business email compromise fraud
  • Digital authentication of bank accounts and critical vendor data


Improve Cash Flow

Realize your full rebate potential and save money on your day-to-day accounts payable processes. We help you make money on the money you spend in four key ways.

AP Automation

Digitize payments and processes

Go digital to decrease the time and resources you’re used to spending. The $4-5 cost per check adds up, so replace it with cash in your pocket via a fully integrated payables solution that ties all your ACH, card, B2C, check and international payments into one place and one process. 

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Cashback rebates across ACH or card

Make money on the money you spend

Regardless of the digital option you choose, you can earn 1-2% back of your total AP spend. This can turn AP transformation from a potentially costly IT project to a cashflow positive business initiative. 80% of our customers have more than doubled their annual rebates since joining the network.

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Early Payment Discounts

Pay more quickly to reap the benefits

Regardless of the discounts offered by your vendors, you can capture savings by streamlining your payment processes and getting payments out the door more quickly. Greater efficiency translates to greater opportunities to save, and there isn't a busines in the world that isn't looking to save right now. 

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Reducing late fees

Reduce or eliminate late fees

Late fees are a consistent challenge in AP. With the simplified workflows and automated approvals you can join the 5 out of 10 Paymode-X customers who dramatically reduced their late payment fees by at least 50%, all while streamlining the day-to-day headaches your team is used to dealing with. 

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We’re talking about opportunity rather than cost.

This is why Ardent Partners recently ranked Bottomline and Paymode-X as a “Market Leader” in the 2021 ePayables Technology Advisor based on the depth and breadth of our B2B payment and invoice automation capabilities.

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Learn how we help our customers

Customer Success Stories

Paymode-X drives efficiencies and revenue for businesses

AP Automation

AP Automation and Efficiencies

Before: You typically have 15-20 manual steps. After: You will have 3 simple steps. Scan, Click, Pay.

Accelerate Invoice Processing:  Stop entering data manually multiple times with no insight into approval queues and automate invoice processing from receipt through capture, matching, coding, and approvals.

Automate & Streamline Payments:  Avoid printing and mailing checks and send digital payments. You can stop waiting time and earn rebates on AP spend by converting to virtual card and ACH payments in a single platform

Eliminate the need to log into separate systems: No longer will you have to juggle portals for different tasks, such as invoices or varying payment types: Integrate seamlessly with your exiting ERP, accounting systems, and bank accounts. Quickly convert to 100% payment automation for all payment types, including card, ACH, check, B2C and more. These can be made domestically or internationally.

Interactive dashboards and reports: We provide clear visibility across the entire invoice-to-pay process. Our portal for tracking, query and reporting paired with visual analytics and extensible reporting provide clear visibility. We offer real-time status tracking of each transaction throughout the invoice to payment lifecycle, and monitor the volume and value of invoices, related docs, and payments.

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Mitigate fraud risk

Mitigate the risk of fraud

Stringent vendor authentication blocks fraud, account takeover, and bad actors, and our built-in fraud protection provides superior risk mitigation at no additional costs.

Vendor onboarding is unique to Bottomline. We recruit vendors on your behalf, it starts with the enrollment process and vendor authentication.

Once we’ve kicked offer, we offer ongoing vendor enrollment and onboarding services done for the client, with an audit trail of all activities, status changes, and user communications.

It’s not just payments we also had a layer of security into the invoicing process. Using advanced artificial intelligence and modeling techniques we can detect if the invoice was created using the same or different program as the previous invoice and offer alerts for suspected fraudulent invoices.

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Monetize payments

Monetize payments

Let’s be honest: spending your days stuck in excel files tapping data into your ERP systems is a drain on time, money and morale. With Paymode-X, you reduce time and money spent wasted on manual processes, allowing you to redeploy your people and capital toward more valuable work. It’s good for your staff and your bottom line.  In addition, reduce late payment fees and the cost of your accounts payable department by scheduling payments for improved payment terms and better rebate potential.

Finally, streamline AP processes to make paying on time easier, making early payment discounts a reality.

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Learn More about Paymode-X

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Automate AP

Digitize the invoice-to-pay process to realize cost-savings, efficiency gains, enhanced security and new rebate opportunities.

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Get Paid

Streamline your AR processes with electronic payments, detailed remittance information and valuable accounts receivable tools.

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Partner with us

Provide your clients with an innovative business payments solution to deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

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How Paymode-X Supports Growth of Your Business

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Vendor advocates

Our advocates drive enrollments through digital outreach and campaigning on your behalf

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Critical Vendors

Build long-term relationships with critical vendors to benefit your business

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Build long-term relationships with critical vendors to benefit your business

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Automation support

We keep the focus on driving automation, managing inbound inquiries for you and providing onboarding support

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We do comprehensive authentication for you, including bank and OFAC details


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