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Calculate a new way forward with Paymode-X, one that makes your accounts payable function more efficient, more secure and better able to focus on your company's strategic priorities. With our calculator, you'll gain a better understanding of how much you can save and what kind of rebate potential you can expect by automating manual invoice and payment processes. 

Calculate your annual savings

Your total AP spend for the past calendar year
Your total number of AP transactions for the past calendar year
The total number of invoices you've received in the last calendar year
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Eliminate or automate every AP process you use today and you could realize these benefits: 

Annual rebates
The cash back on AP spend you can expect to receive by enrolling Vendors in Premium ACH and card payments.


Annual Cost savings
The money you will be able to save by digitizing more of your payments mix, removing paper checks and invoices from the process.


Annual net benefit
Annual Net Benefit = Annual Rebates + Cost Savings - Recurring Fees


Adjust the calculator settings to see how much you could save by switching to Paymode-X.

Disclaimer: The results based on this calculator are indicative only and any actual savings may be greater or less than those shown.

Bottomline and Ardent Partners present 6 key strategies for successful AP transformation.

There has never been a better time to automate accounts payable than right now! But, selecting the right AP automation solution for your organization can be a challenging undertaking.

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Digitize the invoice-to-pay process to realize cost-savings, efficiency gains, enhanced security and new rebate opportunities.

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Streamline your AR processes with electronic payments, detailed remittance information and valuable accounts receivable tools.

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Provide your clients with an innovative business payments solution to deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction. 



“With Paymode-X, we know our vendors will get not only the ‘must haves’ of secure electronic payments and remittance, but an array of valuable features and tools created with the accounts receivable department in mind.”

Source: Samuel Rivas, Cambridge Health Alliance
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