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video time: 01:16 video title: Bottomline Technologies PartnerSelect Overview

Product overview

As the industry’s only cloud-based vendor management network, and total solution, PartnerSelect allows insurance carriers to intelligently select law firms or attorneys resulting in more effective relationships, lower costs and more time saved. Integrated metrics make it possible for carriers to easily and astutely select a law firm or attorney directly from the system using historical information and workload metrics; ensuring carriers select the correct law firms or attorneys with 100% confidence.

The use of standardized assignment forms and workflow will save time, provide a secure environment to share documents and information easily and create visibility around assignment management that doesn’t exist today.

Built for Your Needs

Benefits and features

For insurance carriers:

Improve case outcomes with intelligent decisions about choosing the right partners to achieve the best results for the organization

Standardize and automate the assignment/referral process

Lower costs and create visibility at the relationship and case levels

Collaborate with outside counsel to contribute directly to case information

For law firms:

Generate new business by marketing to over 250 prospective Property and Casualty carriers

Go paperless with instantaneous document sharing and integration

Reduce time spent managing the process and free up time to focus on the outcome


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