Nearly 60% of organizations experienced fraud in 2020. But what if there was a way to be prepared and protect your business?

With the flexibility to integrate with varying corporate systems and fit the organization’s processes, Intellinx Enterprise Case Manager assists in reducing financial risk and helping corporations comply with government regulations more cost-effectively.


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The Problem

The Problem

Corporations need stronger alerting and case management tools to combat the rise in financial and information security crimes. Typical case management practices are often diverse and disjointed, creating increasingly difficult and inefficient tasks for the security, anti-fraud, and compliance staff.

These corporations need an effective case management solution with intelligent alerting capabilities to simplify this responsibility and facilitate efficient risk management and fraud detection. Such a system must also integrate with existing corporate systems and workflows, while aiding in compliance with governmental regulations.

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The solution

The solution

Bottomline’s Enterprise Case Management (ECM) solution allows investigators and business analysts to easily manage and track all cases, acting as a Command Center for your teams.

ECM is a single, powerful application that provides an enterprise-wide alert and case management system for creating and managing alerts, cases of suspicious activity and support for Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filings. ECM was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing corporate systems to collect and manage all data relevant for case investigations and support financial crime compliance, improving accuracy and efficiency.

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Confronting barriers to risk case management

Detecting and preventing financial crime is a complex process, requiring a cross-channel view of suspicious activity and detailed forensic investigation from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to other types of financial crime screening. However, relying on numerous systems is complicated, and lack of integration means they typically don’t communicate well across platforms leaving organizations prone to error by relying on manual processes.

That’s why forward-looking companies increasingly rely on a single, pre-configured solution to optimize the Case Management process – eliminating the complex and cumbersome process of working across many different platforms.

Key benefits and outcomes

Bottomline’s Enterprise Case Management is ideal for financial institutions and corporates looking for a robust and dependable case management solution.

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Concentrate on analysis and reviewing alerts

rather than manually collecting and processing data.

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Adopt a risk-based approach

through streamlined and
customizable workflows, saving time and effort.

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Respond quicker to threats as they emerge

and take a proactive approach to find and and tracking risk

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Reduce manual burdens and investigator costs

through automated SAR reports and efficient processes

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Take a proactive approach

to finding and tracking enterprise risk

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Analyze data and patterns

with the right context to make a decision.

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Reducing investigator costs

through greater efficiencies

Bottomline’s Enterprise Case Management solution offers powerful features that include:

Single system of record

Collect all suspicious activity into one powerful platform by connecting to all corporate systems and data sources to minimize redundant data entry.

Robust case management

Analyze data across disparate sources to provide a cross-channel view of suspicious activity within the case manager.

Link analysis

Visualize the relationships between various entities that are already under investigation to examine suspicious relationships more clearly.

Adaptable to organizational workflows

Non-technical supervisors can pre-configure workflows to fit specifically to organizational requirements; establishing priorities, assigning caseloads and meeting deadlines.

Financial impact calculation

Estimate the risk of suspicious criminal activity and suspected fraud with a built-in Financial Impact Calculator.

Search capabilities

The system provides Google-like search on all information in the system, such as: transactions, notes, alerts, and cases.

Seamless integration with.Bottomline's existing fraud solution 

ECM can be integrated with the Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite - a leading solution for detecting and preventing cyber fraud and achieving compliance.

Review customer risk and data across disparate sources

Fraud and compliance alerts

Provide a cross-channel view of suspicious activity within the case manager

Reporting capabilities and dashboards

ECM provides uncompromising reliability by tracking all changes, and accountability for all employee actions with productivity reports.

It also automatically identifies cases that require SARs, improving corporate compliance with government regulations. Investigators can then efile SARs within the case manager or file them manually by exporting a PDF version. The ECM provides a complete workflow for generating and automatically filing SARs to regulatory bodies with complete and accurate information and documentation. These tools also support your initiatives around Know Your Customer (KYC), AML and Sanctions, and financial crime compliance.

ECM provides an advanced flexible and dynamic reporting system in addition to user-centric dashboards. This provides the user with a high-level view of the different kinds of alerts that have been created, and the ability to quickly access metrics that are immediately relevant.

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