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Legal e-Billing for P&C Claims

Process your legal invoices more efficiently and gain greater insight into all of your legal expenses for better cost control.

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The Challenge

Legal spend on outside counsel is among the highest expenses paid by an insurance company. Effectively managing these costs in a paper environment isn't possible given the sheer volume of invoices and lack of standardization. Add to that disparate internal processes with little transparency and it becomes difficult to proactively manage cost, resulting in overpayment for services rendered.

Our Solution

Now P&C insurance organizations can take control of legal expenses with a secure, web-based solution that efficiently processes invoices, enables sophisticated data and trend analysis, and offers in-depth insight into their overall legal spend. And Bottomline's Expert staff helps each client implement the optimal program to ensure they pay only what they owe.

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Customer Success Story

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Bottomline's market leading legal e-Billing solution for P&C claims will help you:

  • Dramatically increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Gain insight and control over legal spend
  • Strengthen billing guidelines and improve compliance
  • Foster collaboration with law firms
  • Make faster and better business decisions
  • Improve overall program results
increase efficiency
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Electronic Invoice


Bottomline's comprehensive legal e-Billing solution for P&C claims includes:

Legal e-Billing for Efficiency

  • Electronic Invoice Submission and Review
  • Sophisticated Rules Engine and Rate Validation
  • Robust Workflow Routing and Personalized Workspace
  • Calculations for Cost Share, Taxes, Discounts & Prompt Pay
  • Appeals Module for Invoice Disputes

Advanced Auditing Functions for Accuracy

  • Auto Adjustments for Rates and Guideline Compliance
  • Multi-Invoice/Multi-Matter Review
  • Bulk Line Item Adjustments
  • Advanced Filtering Tools
  • Timekeeper Summaries

Reporting & Analytics for Management and Decision Making

  • Management Dashboards
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Interactive Reports
  • Prepackaged Standard Reports
  • Business Intelligence Custom Report Builder

Tools for Collaboration and Communication

  • Case Creation and Case Form
  • Online Budgeting
  • Notes and Supporting Documents
  • Broadcast Bulletins, Alerts and Notifications
  • Built-in Email Functionality

System Administration for Customization

  • Configurable Rules Engine and Deduction Categories
  • Configurable Permissions and Workflow Routing
  • Customizable Case Forms
  • Web Services for Data Exchange
  • Payables System Integration

Program Support for Success

  • Law Firm Enrollment and Training
  • Client Implementation and Training
  • Customer Support Call Center
  • Expert Spend Management Client Advisor
  • Customer Insights Exchange

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