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Hanscom Federal Credit Union didn’t grow a 51,000 member base overnight. Rather, the incredible success of this FCU stems from their core commitment to what most think is an oxymoron: an interpersonal technological experience.

Hanscom relies heavily on online services. From January 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013, 51% of new members joined online, and 70% of loan balances were held by members who joined online. Loan balances of members who joined online were on average 230% higher.

However, as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Delivery,Scott Post, notes customers want technology, but they also want to feel like there’s someone behind the online forms who really cares. Hanscom believes that adopting the incredible benefits of online banking and other technology doesn’t have to imply a sacrifice of personal relationships with your customers.

So, how does Hanscom manage just this? Post explains that Andera’s product is “not a substitute for the personal interaction; it’s an enhancement to the relationship.” With such relationship-building strategies as phone call follow-ups after online registration, and simple switches to the more shareable stations instead of standard computer-behind-a-desk, Hanscom creates meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers while introducing them to technology that makes their experience more efficient and interactive.

Download the full case study here to read more about how Hanscom continues to do the seemingly impossible.

Aniela Mack

Aniela enjoys all things writing, and works with the Bottomline Technologies marketing team to create innovative content, including blog posts and case studies.

Aniela is currently a student at Brown University, and plans to graduate in May 2017.
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