oFlows in action.

Watch our in-depth and super short videos to see how oFlows works, or register for an oFlows webinar.

oFlows Videos

10-Minute oFlows Test Drive

See the key oFlows features in a single video. (10 min)

Photo Data Capture

Andera's oFlows platform allows applicants to skip painful data entry by taking a photo of their driver's license with their mobile device camera.

2-Minute Test Drive

Get a look at some of the highlights of oFlows in this quick overview video. (2 min)

Mobile Responsive Design

See how oFlows uses responsive web design so your application will look great and work flawlessly on all screen sizes. (90 sec)

Camera Upload for Documents

Find out how oFlows lets you snap pictures of supporting documents, without ever leaving the workflow. (1 min)

Electronic & Touch Screen Signatures

Find out how oFlows leverages mobile devices to make it easier than ever to collect signatures. (1 min)

Qualification & Cross-Sell

Learn how oFlows qualifies applicants and maximizes cross selling success. (90 sec)

Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention

Learn how oFlows verifies applicants’ identities and prevents fraud. (50 sec)

Integrated Disclosures & Agreements

See how oFlows delivers disclosures and agreements electronically to keep paper out of the process. (1 min)

Deposit Account Funding

See how oFlows lets you give deposit account applicants up to four ways to fund their accounts. (1 min)

My Applications Portal

Learn how oFlows' My Applications Portal lets users finish an application they previously started – anywhere they want. (1 min)

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Trusted by 500+ Banks & Credit Unions

"Online account openers are particularly desirable members because they tend to carry higher deposit balances and to borrow more readily than branch-oriented members."

Katy McCabe
Contact Center Manager, Consumers Credit Union

"Members who join online are 49 percent more profitable than those who enroll through traditional means. They maintain a higher loan-to-share ratio of 467 percent versus the 120 percent of traditional enrollees."

Mary O'Rourke
Chief Information Officer, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

"The best way to differentiate ourselves is through superior customer service. Our choice of Andera enables us to do that, and by eliminating paper from the account opening process, it saves both time for our staff and customers and money for the bank."

Preston L. Kennedy
President and CEO, Bank of Zachary

"We chose Andera because of its adaptability and underlying authentication capabilities. It is just what we were looking for to enable online account opening. The capabilities of oFlows transform a website into a branch location."

Phil Travaglini
CEO, Boeing Helicopters Credit Union

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