Employees will thank you.

oFlows turns salespeople into superheroes.

Make their jobs easier

Let’s face it: Opening accounts can be tedious. Employees spend a lot of time entering data and running back and forth between printers, scanners, and applicants. Not anymore. With oFlows and a tablet, employees can spend less time on administrative work and more time building relationships.

Give them a crystal ball

The best time to cross sell is at the start of a relationship. But knowing which products to offer can be tricky and, when branch applicants get declined, it creates a bad experience. oFlows qualifies applicants up front so representatives know exactly which products to suggest. It’s not quite a crystal ball, but it’s close.

Kiss paper goodbye

How much time do employees waste printing, faxing, and chasing documents? With oFlows, capturing a document is as easy as taking a picture – no scanners or copiers required. The best part is, documents will be instantly available in your back office so you can spend less time chasing paper, and more time on what matters.

Lose the baggage

Selling on campus, at employers, and out in the community is a great way to grow your footprint. Problem is, it can be hard to connect with applicants when paper applications, clipboards, and scanners bog you down. A tablet and oFlows are all you need to open accounts and automate the loan application process. So, hit the road and leave the baggage behind.

Find out what you can do

We’ve processed millions of applications for hundreds of customers. Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating the online application volume that an institution can drive. Curious to see what a bank and credit union in your asset range typically generates? Download our report and find out.

Trusted by 500+ Banks & Credit Unions

"Online account openers are particularly desirable members because they tend to carry higher deposit balances and to borrow more readily than branch-oriented members."

Katy McCabe
Contact Center Manager, Consumers Credit Union

"Members who join online are 49 percent more profitable than those who enroll through traditional means. They maintain a higher loan-to-share ratio of 467 percent versus the 120 percent of traditional enrollees."

Mary O'Rourke
Chief Information Officer, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

"The best way to differentiate ourselves is through superior customer service. Our choice of Andera enables us to do that, and by eliminating paper from the account opening process, it saves both time for our staff and customers and money for the bank."

Preston L. Kennedy
President and CEO, Bank of Zachary

"We chose Andera because of its adaptability and underlying authentication capabilities. It is just what we were looking for to enable online account opening. The capabilities of oFlows transform a website into a branch location."

Phil Travaglini
CEO, Boeing Helicopters Credit Union

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