Introducing the industry’s first on-demand treasury management solution

Powered by digitally-sustainable Cloud technology, we make it easy for treasurers to automate and optimise their treasury.

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Product strategy

Our client-driven culture ensures that 90% of our product roadmap comes directly from client feedback.

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Short release cycles

With monthly major releases and weekly maintenance releases, TreasuryXpress brings the newest capabilities to market.

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Personal support

We’ve removed bureaucracy from client service. At Bottomline, it's all-hands-on-deck to provide clients with the help they need.

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Multiple options

With our Client-Choice Implementation options and diverse solution portfolio, clients get the capabilities they need to succeed.

Technology Innovation for an evolving treasurer

The Bottomline TreasuryXpress Team recently partnered with Treasury Today to host a roundtable where industry experts discussed the latest developments in technology supporting the evolving role of the treasurer.

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video time: 08:44 video title: Technology Innovation for an evolving treasurer

Treasury technology for all companies



At TreasuryXpress, our clients are at the heart of our innovation. Here are a few ways we partner with you:

Product team led functionality surveys

Quarterly training sessions and best practice workshops

Client experience reviews

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Bottomline is committed to providing a variety of on-demand capabilities that allow you to scale your business when you need to. Our clients never buy more than they need or more than they are ready to use.

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Built-in the Cloud, TreasuryXpress is built to be open and nimble. This scalable TMS is built for ease of innovation and continuity. That is why we are able to offer world-class functionality and service at an affordable price.

Ease of Implementation means no huge implementation costs

With technology more accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective than ever before, it is time for treasury to benefit from innovation

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Using the latest digital services, TreasuryXpress securely and seamlessly pushes and pulls data from any 3rd party system.  

Our frictionless treasury technology approach means that you can go-live faster and start reaping the benefits of automation sooner!

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Each client, each business is unique and at Bottomline, we recognise that one delivery model does not fit all. As part of our frictionless treasury management experience, we uniquely and expertly provide multiple deployment methods for our TMS solutions:

Multi-Tenant SaaS

Single-Tenant SaaS (ASP)

Direct-to-Private Cloud

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Our clients are our most valuable asset

At Bottomline, we place high importance on client-driven innovation. Every employee is driven by the single goal to deliver capabilities that truly work for treasury professionals. And it shows. We love them and they love us.  

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