Insider employee fraud

Protect against fraud in a remote working environment

Capture real-time user-behaviour information across all critical systems using machine learning to detect and record suspicious activities. The data is stored in one centralised repository and is analysed by our multi-layered risk engine to detect and protect against internal threats.

in employee fraud
Record replay

Record and replay

Gain complete visibility into end-user activity

With Google-like search capabilities, investigators can immediately understand which users have accessed and performed specific actions in a given timeframe, with a visual replay of every screen and user modifications.


Stop compliance threats in their tracks

Our easy-to-use SaaS compliance solution, Watchlist Screening, protects businesses from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance breaches and unknowingly doing business with officially sanctioned entities and individuals. Transactions are centrally screened against official sanctions lists, provided by world-leading list providers, and your own maintained custom lists. You can also screen customers and suppliers for Know Your Customer (KYC) checks against PEPs and Adverse Media lists.

secure payments

Secure payments

Reduce payment risks and prevent fraud

Secure Payments provides real-time alerts and blocking for suspicious payment activity. It reviews high-risk payments before they leave the business, using your risk appetite, not the banks, helping to reduce the risk of payment fraud and liability. You can protect payments across various applications, channels and payment types, including Faster/Instant Payments, BACS, SWIFT, SEPA and ISO20022.

Account verification

Know who you pay

Make and receive payments with greater confidence by validating that a bank account exists and that the name on the account matches that of the intended recipient. This helps to protect against Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud, where criminals attempt to trick payers into paying what seems a legitimate payment into the wrong account. In addition to the above, this also helps reduce the risk of payments made in error.

account verification

Enterprise case mangement

Track suspicious activities centrally

Investigators and business analysts can easily manage and track all cases of suspicious activities via the cloud-based Command Centre. It integrates seamlessly with existing corporate systems improving accuracy and efficiency, and provides superior reporting, supporting Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filings.

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