If you think your organisation isn’t big enough to be impacted by business fraud, you’re deluded. The reality is, no matter the size of your business, you are a target for financial fraud.

The vast majority of small business fraud is committed by opportunists and is not pre-meditated. Business fraud impacts cash flow and undermines your ability to run your business, especially if you are reliant upon a niche customer base. The consequences of small business fraud can be potentially fatal for the future of your company.

Part 5 of our myth-busting guide will help you get started with defending your organisation against the real threat of small business fraud.

The sad truth is, that SMEs are the most common victims of business fraud, yet only 20% believe they could be a target for hackers with losses estimated at £18.9 billion.

Why it matters?

"Small and medium sized enterprises are the most common victims of fraud, yet only 20% believe they could be a target for hackers."


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