All financial organisations are threatened by the prospect of payment fraud, both internally and externally. With so much at stake, vigilance is a given, and as such, companies operating in the financial sector are legally required to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

With a well-managed payment fraud prevention strategy, you can radically limit risk throughout your business and reduce the losses incurred.

In 2015, approximately £755 million was lost by financial institutions and their customers.

Left unchecked, payment fraud has the potential to cause significant damage to your business and the financial ecosystem. So, can you afford to ignore the threat of payment fraud any longer?

Download the financial industry sector guide to payment fraud prevention to learn how to:

Understand the key considerations for devising your payment fraud protection

Identify the significant risks to financial institutions – from both external and internal fraud threats

Reduce vulnerability with an effective payment fraud prevention strategy

Take action and stay compliant with payment fraud protection for financial institutions


Why it matters?

70% of fraud committed is due to weak internal controls.

Source: ACFE


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