Key benefits and outcomes

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See the complete picture of user activity with peer comparison and user access review

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Enrich monitored data with additional insights through intelligent data ingestion capabilities

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Go deeper and monitor events not covered by audit logs

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Get real-time insights with cross-platform, non-invasive monitoring and advanced analytics

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Employ a “google-like” search to find content across multiple user sessions

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Feel confident in what you see with encrypted and digitally signed recordings

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Enable customer support to assist callers more effectively with visual replay of user sessions

Cyber threats become increasingly aggressive, complex, and frequent each year. The challenges these threats present have only become more prevalent as remote work has risen during the pandemic. Security investments that protect against malware and unauthorized access are not enough and cannot truly protect your organization. Without visibility into user behavior, organizations are missing a critical layer of defense and are unable to stop fraud and data breaches before they happen.

Bottomline’s Record and Replay Solution allows you to record the activity of your internal and external users in the applications you run. The system reconstructs user sessions allowing your fraud investigators, security officers and internal auditors to visually replay user sessions screen by screen. This provides tremendous value for investigating suspicious activity performed by internal or external users.

Traditional Monitoring Approaches Often Fall Short

Log-Based: Traditional monitoring solutions are often overly reliant on audit logs, but audit logs don’t capture all of the detail. It’s not enough to know about the ‘search’ that took place, you also need visibility into what values the search returned at the point in time the action occurred.

Un-normalized Data: Viewing activity across multiple platforms can be onerous and inefficient. Even with the introduction of SIEMs and similar tools, data may not be sufficiently normalized to help analysts understand the whole story.

A Day Late is Too Late: Retroactive audits of activity may be sufficient for some purposes, but when it comes to protecting your organization from fraud and other malicious events it is important to raise alerts in real-time so you can intercede before the damage is done.

Whether a suspicion was raised by a customer complaint, a tip received from an internal party, or an alert that was generated by any third-party system, Record and Replay equips you with the ability to swiftly investigate and resolve the matter.


record review screenshot

The Record and Replay solution provides immediate value once it is deployed, it helps you:

Monitor a wide variety of applications, including public cloud mainframe applications and more..

View a full picture of user activity within the monitored applications and go beyond a typical audit log.

Ensure recordings are encrypted and secured for future use – including as evidence in court proceedings.

Receive insights from monitored systems and runs each series of actions through Bottomline’s advanced analytics engine or send them to data lakes or third party analytics.

Tailor analytics to identify unauthorized changes to client data, employee policy violations (snooping), and more.

What we monitor:

Types of Applications:

Banking cores (i.e. DXC Hogan)

Payment portals

Payables solutions


Human Resources

Protocols and technologies:

IBM Mainframe: 3270

IBM System i: 5250



Custom parsers


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