As workplaces offer hybrid and remote access to employees who require access to your business-critical systems, protecting your organization from internal and external risks is more challenging than ever. Our Record and Replay solution offers leading edge capabilities to help you fight internal and external fraud and guard against data breaches. It provides non-invasive data capture to help protect your organization in real-time.

Record and Replay reconstructs user sessions allowing your fraud investigators, security officers and internal auditors to visually replay user sessions screen by screen. This provides tremendous value for investigating suspicious activity performed by internal or external users. Record and Replay recognizes anomalous behavior patterns and links separate incidents like dormant account access or collusion between employees.

It uses network sniffing to help guard against privacy issues while detecting unusual behaviors. This modern approach to behavior monitoring uses patented technology that works across systems and applications while providing a complete picture with screen by screen views of actions. It goes beyond the traditional audit log solutions by capturing key details that wouldn’t typically trigger alerts. Any data that is monitored within an application can be monitored and this data can be reviewed through our downstream analytics.

In addition to monitoring for internal fraud, Record and Replay is also used by our customers in innovative ways, including help desk agents assisting customers with troubleshooting, customer service ensuring excellent experience and supervision of dealers managing credit checks.

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