Bottomline User Behaviour Monitoring

Track and evaluate end user activity across critical enterprise applications by non-invasively monitoring each action a user takes within the application.

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Bottomline User Behaviour Monitoring is designed to track end user activity across critical enterprise applications by non-invasively monitoring each action a user takes within the application. These actions are captured by non-invasively "sniffing" application traffic flowing through the main corporate network switches, allowing the product to operate without impacting enterprise application or end user performance. This data can then be used by investigators to research the activities of end users within a specific application or across multiple applications.

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Benefits & Features

Bottomline User Behaviour Monitoring is comprised of three functional components:

  1. Data Capture: Traditional user monitoring solutions typically rely on data that already exists within the organisation such as log files and databases; hence the visibility they provide is limited to the data that is provided within the logs and the speed with which the logs can be reviewed. Bottomline User Behaviour Monitoring captures user activity data directly from the corporate network and reconstructs user screens and keystrokes, providing unparalleled visibility into user activity. The data captured from the network is then complemented by data collected from traditional sources such as log files and databases.
  2. Investigation and Case Management: The Investigation Center is a comprehensive investigation tool, which provides a complete framework for all activities within the entire investigation life-cycle.
  3. Data Analysis: The system provides out-of-the-box free-text indexing of user screens enabling auditors and investigators to search for specific types of user behaviour, for example, all users who viewed a specific customer account number within a specific time frame. Data analysis also includes statistical/analytic tools that build profiles of user behaviour and generate alerts on suspicious activities in real-time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • With screen-by-screen replay, investigators have the ability to visually replay user actions screen by screen. This allows auditors to fully understand the user’s behaviour, which data he or she viewed, and what actions and/or updates were performed.
  • Cross-platform search of user activity provides the ability to perform a “Google-like search” on all of the fields monitored by the system within a specific time frame, for example, finding all users who accessed account “1234” in the last week.
  • Powerful reporting function provides insights into user activity. Reports can be generated based on any field that is monitored by the system; reports can also be filtered and sorted as needed.
  • Link analysis provides the ability to visually map the relationships between various entities such as customers, accounts and addresses. This allows investigators to more easily uncover employees who are working together to commit fraud and identify other accounts that could have been affected by a known fraudster.
  • Seamless integration with other products in Bottomline's Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite provides a comprehensive platform and product set for pre-empting, detecting and resolving different types of fraud, security breaches and compliance issues.