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As you continue to develop your digital banking strategy and evaluate the best ways to serve your commercial customers, please know that we are always here to help.

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2022 B2B Payments Survey Report

The results are in for the 6th annual B2B Payments Survey from Strategic Treasurer & Bottomline

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video time: 02:35 video title: Digital Banking IQ Real-Time Payments

Real-Time payments through the RTP® network

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video time: 02:01 video title: Engagement Optimizer

Engagement Optimizer with Merger IQ™

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video time: 05:33 video title: BT Report from Nacha 22

NACHA Smarter Faster Payments

Update on RTP and FedNow plus fraud trends

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Addressing insider fraud in banks

Once considered a secondary threat, insider fraud is a growing challenge for banks, demanding urgent attention. Are banks in denial about acknowledging this significant issue, or do they have too many competing priorities on their plate? Bottomline’s Ruud Grotens chats with Elizabeth Humphrey of Themis on the recent Insider Fraud in Banks research

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video time: 31:05 video title: Themis

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