Bottomline is the only payments and cash management, treasury management, and B2B payments network combined in one Commercial Digital Banking Platform.

Bottomline’s portfolio of solutions provides an industry-leading combination of payments and cash management, treasury management solutions and a B2B payments network to help its bank clients deepen engagement, build relationships, and grow business value across all business segments they serve.

See how Dragonfly Financial Technology stacks up against Bottomline’s solutions in key areas below:


We have a 100% Success Rate in delivering complex, mission critical platforms to large, heavily regulated banks

In the last 12 months, Bottomline has realized.

BT legal 107

7 M&A Programs Launched

BT data representation 20

$22M+ Revenue Pulled Through

BT personnel 141

64 Migration Waves Delivered adding another 100,000+ businesses to the platform*

*~300,000 total businesses on Digital Banking IQ today
BT documentation & messaging 62

14 Program and 24 Upgrade Go-Lives

The #1 Commercial digital banking platform in the industry.

See why Bottomline is trusted by over 400 North American financial institutions and ranked the #1 payments and cash management vendor by Aite-Novarica.


Bottomline’s 5th Consecutive Best-In-Class Ranking in the Aite Matrix U.S. Cash Management Technology Provider

  • Best in Class
  • Best Partner
  • #1 in Product Features
  • Top ranked for Client Service
  • #1 for Client Strength
  • Top ranked for Vendor Stability

"Bottomline has been a top choice for many of the largest banks replacing their cash management platforms, while also successfully enabling smaller regional banks to be more competitive and win the business of larger corporations.” 

(Aite Impact Matrix)

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