of US-based cash management clients have deployed Bottomline's full cash management suite 


in commercial payments were successfully supported on Bottomline platforms in 2022


growth for some of our commercial bank customers

Become an intelligent business enabler with full cash management capabilities.

Frictionless digital experiences have now often become synonymous with trust. Banks delivering intuitive and seamless experiences across all touch points win!

Digital Banking IQ key features

Built with a modern cloud architecture and backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Digital Banking IQ can drive relationship growth and profitability within your commercial customer base.

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A single platform for your business customers of all sizes

Digital Banking IQ can support all the services you deliver, including remote deposit capture, business billpay, seamless sign-on and more — enabling our bank clients to serve small businesses, middle market, and large corporates all from one platform

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Faster payments

Leverage a faster payments ecosystem with real-time payment enablement, Same-Day ACH and embedded fraud protection

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Compete with larger banks and FinTechs

Improve your competitiveness with corporate users. The platform is scalable to handle account and transaction growth, sophisticated entitlements and multiple workflows along with specialized reports

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Automate payment processes

Empower corporates with large payment volumes to securely send all payment types to the bank at once, regardless of payment method or business purpose

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Best-in-Class fraud protection

Lockout payment fraud through deep layers of security integrated with the customer cash management experience

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Leverage APIs

Standards-based APIs enable banks to customize various elements of the platform to meet specific needs

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Personalized and intuitive user experience

Eliminate friction with a customer experience that leverages simple workflow navigation, drag and drop features, native mobile capabilities, coupled with mobile responsive design

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Strategic support and seamless implementations

Take advantage of a certified delivery partner ecosystem that can support all aspects of your implementation and operations

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An award-winning commercial banking solution

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For Cash Management Technology

We know a thing or two about what your banking customers want — having helped over 400 North American banks and financial institutions attract and retain over 390,000 commercial customers on our Digital Banking IQ solution.

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Digital Banking IQ: Flexible to fit your needs

Able to accommodate any bank’s implementation needs based on their unique situations and existing solutions, Digital Banking IQ is available in four standard customer engagement models

Full Platform

Full Platform

  • Digital Banking IQ provides the platform front-end user experience
  • Utilizes Digital Banking IQ APIs to interface with bank’s back-end systems/data

API Channel

API Channel

  • The bank completely controls the platform user interface
  • Utilizes Digital Banking IQ APIs to bridge back-end data and front-end connection

Hybrid DBIQ

Hybrid DBIQ

  • Digital Banking IQ provides the front-end user experience
  • Bank loads existing UX “widgets” into the Digital Banking IQ front-end 
  • Utilizes Digital Banking IQ APIs to interface with bank’s back-end systems/data
Hybrid DB

Hybrid Bank

Hybrid Bank

  • The bank provides their own front-end user experience
  • Bank utilizes Digital Banking IQ “widgets” to load into the bank’s own front-end 
  • Utilizes Digital Banking IQ APIs to interface with bank’s back-end systems/data
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More Digital Banking IQ® value

Bottomline's unique combination of assets creates compelling new value propositions for banks to better serve their customers. From small- and medium-sized businesses to large corporates with multi-bank relationships, improved monetization of low value payments and increased cash visibility can position banks to win the battle for primary relationship ownership and accelerate growth.

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