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Over 750,000 accounts were opened online with Bottomline in the last 12 months.

Digital account opening

  • Omni-product retail and small business customer journeys, supporting a multitude of banking offers, including deposit and lending products
  • Mobile-first design, optimizing digital sales and conversion rates
  • Innovative workflows allowing bank customers to start, continue and finish applications in any channel in minutes
  • A personalized banking experience for business customers including comprehensive digital disclosure and multi-signer support
  • Embedded intelligence to identify customers at risk of churn, follow up on abandoned applications and improve cross-sell 
  • Ability to digitally switch direct deposit information at the end of the account opening experience
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Discover the ROI of online
account opening

Survey findings from FI professionals on where they stand in the adoption of digital account opening and benchmarks for ROI.

The ROI of Digital Account Opening

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Digital retail customer onboarding

  • Seamless and secure funding utilizing biometrics and passcodes for Apple Pay, Google Pay or ACH
  • Digitally sign agreements and disclosures
  • Ability to digitally switch direct deposit information at the end of the account opening experience
  • Seamlessly integrate into your core and online banking platforms
  • Enables the onboarding into additional products such as debit cards and checks

Digital commercial customer onboarding

  • Powerful for large corporates, simple for small businesses, and easy for financial institutions
  • Custom forms configured for your products and services
  • Embedded business logic and business process automation
  • Full transparency into the onboarding process
  • Customizable analytics to help monitor and improve onboarding team efficiency

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Why Digital Banking IQ for Customer Engagement?


higher new account
volume in 2 years


increase in application
conversion rates


increase in auto-approved applicants

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Identity verification

  • Complete identity data, including a full file of online and social data, to reach previously untapped markets — including the credit-invisible and millennials.
  • Built-in machine learning, applied intelligence and dynamic rule setting
  • Anomaly detection with real-time monitoring and pattern recognition across hundreds of financial institutions
  • Integration with best-in-class third-party authentication providers for document verification, credit history checks, funding risk management and to distinguish trusted customers from potential fraudsters
  • Continually measure success of the risk and fraud strategy and optimize on the fly

Banking relationship management

  • Give your banking teams a relationship management solution that is easy to use and responsive for any device 
  • Boost the efficiency of your relationship managers by streamlining lead and referral management
  • Fuel your digital transformation and adoption by unifying your data in a single customer view   
  • Create and orchestrate personalized campaigns and onboarding sequences to ensure a superior, onmi-channel customer experience
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Explore the Digital Banking IQ platform

From actionable insights to faster onboarding, the Digital Banking IQ platform is the leading intelligent engagement solution for banking and payments.

Engagement Optimizer

Engagement Optimizer for Digital Banking IQ


Built-in intelligence about your most valuable customers at your fingertips, in real-time.

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Payments and Cash Management

Digital Banking IQ for Payments and Cash Management


Unify your commercial customer experience and strengthen payments and cash management services via a platform featuring rich UI and UX capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Customer Engagement

Digital Banking IQ for Customer Engagement


Drive new accounts and deposits via a comprehensive suite of digital customer engagement solutions purpose-built within a secure, intelligent customer growth and acquisition platform.

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Why Bottomline

Customer Success Stories

Super-Regional Bank Sees Significant New Customer Growth After Nationwide Digital Expansion

The bank understood it would be challenging to make a splash in untapped and competitive markets. For this reason, the bank developed a brand new digital product bundle that, along with supporting marketing campaigns, would be unique enough to stand apart from other offerings in that space. 

Find out how one bank achieved a 43% YOY increase in online applications with Bottomline.

Download Success Story

“We give members and potential members the chance to strike while the iron is hot. If they see an advertisement about membership, free checking, or a low loan rate, they don’t have to wait to visit a branch. They can open a new account, add checking, get a debit card, or apply for a loan online. We understand their busy lifestyles and we meet them where they are.”

- Chief Information Officer

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Regional Federal credit union Customer Success Story
First national Customer Success Story

“We understand the value of offering our clients choices and enabling them to choose whatever option is most convenient for their particular situation. Providing a seamless approach to online account opening strengthens the relationship between the bank, our advisors, and customers.”

-Sherry Sitton, Former EVP of Operations and Technology

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“Bottomline’s Digital Banking IQ offered a feature set and user experience that was clearly superior to the competition. The Bank is now poised to win the treasury management fee income and core deposits of larger commercial clients while continuing to service our current base.”

- C.I.O.

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Regional US bank Customer Success Story
Align credit union cs story

“Engage has given our members an easier way to manage accounts during a difficult time. Bottomline is a strong strategic partner that not only listened to our needs, provided us with a solution, but continues to support our business by helping review analytics and continue to innovate with us.”

- Sandra Lamplough, Senior Vice President, Operations

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