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video time: 01:13 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour Preview

Digital Banking IQ Overview

Watch the video preview and see how Digital Banking IQ can revolutionize your commercial banking experience.

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video time: 01:50 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour - Payments

Payments Innovation

Payment innovation for your small, midsize and corporate business customers that allow you to evolve into an intellignet business enabler.

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video time: 01:52 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour - Workspace and widgets

Workspace & Widgets

Customer experience that leverages simple workflow navigation, drag and drop features, native mobile capabilities, coupled with mobile responsive design.

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video time: 02:38 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour - Cash Flow Optimizer

Cash Flow Optimizer

A power, intelligent cash management and optimiztion solution that helps small businesses and small/mid-market companies intelligently forecast and plan, through a unified view of their cashflow and business.

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video time: 02:14 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour - Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Protect and secure your payments processes with advanced fraud prevention and continous risk assessment powered by industry-leading partner solutions on the backend. 

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video time: 02:13 video title: Digital Banking IQ™ Virtual Tour - Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payments

Designed to streamline, simplifiy and enrich the business-to-business payments process, your corporate customers can send and receive real-time payments as well as requests for payment. 

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  • Make complex financial technologies easier to use for small business, while also scaling to handle account and transaction growth, sophisticated entitlements, and multiple workflows with specialized reports.
  • Proactively monitor fraud via Integrated fraud monitoring, behaviour analytics and case management.
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty by delivering insights and analytics that enable enterprises to benchmark platform utilization and engagement against peers, reduce fraud, manage risk, and grow business value.
  • Deliver payments faster via payments automation technology so corporates with large payment volumes can securely send all payment types to the bank at once, regardless of payment method or business purpose.
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