Our online account opening solution helps you

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Engage and acquire

Increase customer engagement and acquisition rates via a mobile-first UX

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Drive conversions

Accelerate account opening, onboarding and deposit growth

BT security fraud & risk 171

Reduce risk

Detect fraud throughout the digital acquisition process

BT process & representation 125

Analyze and optimize

Gain actionable insights via intelligence embedded directly into the platform


71% of consumers would switch or could be convinced to switch banks for a superior mobile or digital experience.

Source: BAI Banking Outlook: Trends in Marketing and Customer Acquisition 

Explore Digital Banking IQ for Customer Engagement

Intelligent engagement platform for banking and payments

Online Account Opening

Online account opening

Self-service functionality that empowers administrators to configure product offerings, disclosures and workflow

Omni-product customer journey, supporting a multitude of banking offers, including deposit and lending products

Mobile-first design, optimizing digital sales and
conversion rates

Innovative workflows allowing bank customers to start, continue and finish applications in any channel in minutes

A personalized banking experience for small business customers including comprehensive digital disclosure and multi-signer support

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Retail and Commercial Customer Onboarding

Retail and Commercial Customer Onboarding

Funding risk management solutions allowing customers and members to quickly and securely fund their newly opened accounts

Digitally sign agreements and disclosures

Seamlessly integrate into your core and online
banking platforms

Commercial onboarding automation for financial institutions

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Banking Relationship Management

Banking relationship management

  • Increase user adoption by delivering a relationship management solution built purpose-built for banking
  • Identify hidden relationships and proactive insights by unifying your data in a single customer view
  • Boost the performance of your relationship managers by streamlining lead, referral and service case management
  • Create and orchestrate personalized campaigns and onboarding sequences to ensure a superior, omnichannel customer experience. 
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Identity Verification

Identity verification

Complete identity data, including government and credit bureau data, email history, geo location, device identity, social media and more

Built in machine learning, applied intelligence and dynamic rule setting

Anomaly detection with real-time monitoring and pattern recognition across hundreds of financial institutions

Multi-layered solution integrating a variety of best-in-class third party authentication providers

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How our online account opening solution helps our customers

First national Customer Success Story

“We understand the value of offering our clients choices and enabling them to choose whatever option is most convenient for their particular situation. Providing a seamless approach to online account opening strengthens the relationship between the bank, our advisors, and customers.”

-Sherry Sitton, Former EVP of Operations and Technology

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“We give members and potential members the chance to strike while the iron is hot. If they see an advertisement about membership, free checking, or a low loan rate, they don’t have to wait to visit a branch. They can open a new account, add checking, get a debit card, or apply for a loan online. We understand their busy lifestyles and we meet them where they are.”

- Chief Information Officer

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Regional Federal credit union Customer Success Story
Regional US bank Customer Success Story

“Bottomline’s Digital Banking IQ offered a feature set and user experience that was clearly superior to the competition. The Bank is now poised to win the treasury management fee income and core deposits of larger commercial clients while continuing to service our current base.”

- C.I.O.

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The Bottomline difference

Bottomline accelerates your digital transformation via a comprehensive collection of digital account opening, onboarding and customer engagement solutions.

Combining the benefits of several market-leading technologies under one platform, our omni-channel solution is configurable to fit your financial institution’s unique needs.

  • Trusted technology partner with 500+ online account opening implementations
  • Built-in intelligence within the platform to deliver actionable insights throughout the customer journey
  • 22+ out-of-the-box core integrations and flexible funding options
  • Extensible platform with open API’s to meet evolving needs and integrations
  • Multi-layered risk management solution, combining 10+ best of breed third party fraud detection and ID verification technologies


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10 steps to growing digital account opening sales

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10 Steps to Growing Digital Account Opening Sales

One of the biggest myths in digital account opening is that online sales will automatically result once the technology is in place. However, according to reports from Javelin Research and Mercator Advisory Group, although 70% of consumers prefer opening an account online to visiting a branch, more than 60% of new accounts are still opened in person. That is a big difference between customer preference and actual experience.

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