Improve security and protect protect patient data with

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EMR visual replay

Over-the-shoulder view of what the user did and saw when accessing key applications

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Intelligent alerting

Enforce policies with risk-based user behavior analytics and clinical context

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User behavior profiling

Alert for anomalous behavior based on previous user activity profiles

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Enriched user activity data

Augments beyond audit trails with clinical context

Benefits of Bottomline’s Healthcare privacy and data security

The solution provides a critical infrastructure to help health systems and hospitals combat HIPAA violations and data theft by augmenting human enforcement of policy and procedure with technology that ensures that inappropriate or suspicious behavior can be stopped before it is too late. 

Immediately following installation, the solution begins capturing all user activity, allowing internal auditors to perform thorough investigations with complete visual replay.

Gain unparalleled visibility into end-user activity with visual replay of data accessed in key applications

Maintain a complete audit trail, and record full user activity 24x7

Track your user activity across major applications and platforms,
including legacy

Analyze user activity at the application screen level

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How Bottomline's privacy and data security solution helps our customers

Bottomline’s privacy data and security platform helped one hospital transform privacy investigations helping them to reduce investigation efforts by hours and the total time reduced by days and weeks.  It gives them forensic evidence and high case confidence when faced with celebrity or co-worker snooping, or an employee modifying own records.

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Coworker snooping, family member snooping, employee accessing or modifying their own record?

Elevate your organization's privacy investigations by gaining complete visibility into 14+ details of a privacy incident, including human activity and complete flow of behavior. 

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