The 4 core Paymode-X advantages

Here how's we out-do our competition

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Unmatched fraud prevention

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Efficient supplier enrollment

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Outstanding customer service

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Maximized rebate potential

Customers see the difference

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Rest easy with Paymode-X's fraud-free payments network

We protect every B2B supplier payment you make with multi-layered security. That's why we're
fraud free despite processing over $400 billion in payments annually for over 550,000 businesses. 

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OFAC checks & authentication

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Digital identity verification

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Device fingerprinting & geofencing

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Layered MFA & behavioral analytics

Benefit from two secure, revenue-generating payment methods

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Premium ACH

Pay suppliers securely and directly, from your bank account to theirs. Your payments will generate cash-back rebates for your business.

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Virtual Card

Receive cash back on fraud-free virtual card payments. Your bank account is debited and your supplier receives a virtual card payment via email.

Secure B2B payments mean speed and rebates

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With over $400 billion in payments exchanged annually, Paymode-X is the largest B2B payment network in the industry. With rebates on ACH payments, a supplier-friendly approach to enrollment, and huge reductions in processing time, we strive to make payments better and easier. 

Want to fully automate AP and make more secure payments?

Our customers say other solutions don't compare:


fraud-free network for B2B payments


say Paymode-X offers easy and fast deployment*


say Paymode-X offers better value that the competition*


say we excel at digitizing the AP process*

*customer ratings comparing Paymode-X to competitors

"Paymode-X lowers our cost and time involved with paying vendors, eliminates our maintaining supplier info and removes the risk of lost checks. AP also earns rebates by paying digitally." 

--Accounting Associate, Enterprise Healthcare Company

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