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Bottomline GTBridge

Bottomline GTBridge is a high-performance bridge for switching messages between a large number of applications. By providing easy to implement publish-subscribe mechanisms and by multiplexing the communication interfaces, GTBridge removes the usual overhead associated with the complexity of integrating multiple applications.

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GTBridge is high-performance bridge enabling a large number of applications to switch high volumes of messages. GTBridge provides interface multiplexing, message header transformation, macro-routing between applications, and rule-based workflows involving several applications (e.g. validation, sanction screening, liquidity management). Highly reliable and scalable, GTBridge supports EJB server multi-instantiation and it provides end-to-end XA transactions to ensure no single point of failure.

Simple to install, simple to administrate, and highly scalable, GTBridge provides unrivaled flexibility, performance, and throughput for the lowest infrastructure footprint.

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Benefits & Features

  • Built on rule-driven publish-subscribe mechanisms (no link between source and target), GTBridge removes the overhead associated with the integration of multiple applications
  • Publish-subscribe allows a quick and easy integration of additional applications in the global workflow, dramatically facilitating the upstream and downstream integration of applications
  • Publish-subscribe features of GTBridge allow for the decoupling of applications between themselves, providing flexibility for future changes and upgrades, and enabling a staged approach for a complex migration project
  • Sophisticated interfaces multiplexing decreases the number of queues between several source and target applications reducing the manual task associated with monitoring, maintenance, and supervision
  • Configurable header transformation feature ensures a seamless integration of several applications with different envelopes or headers, allowing a standardised macro-routing between applications whatever the meta-data provided at the source
  • Macro-routing features combined with multiple exit points allow an easy definition of workflows involving several third party applications
  • Stateless design of GTBridge (no persistency) combined with the support of EJB server multi-instantiation provides the highest performance for the lowest footprint
  • End-to-end XA transactions and cluster facilities ensure the highest reliability and availability with no single point of failure
  • Embedded monitoring features can be used as web services for centralised monitoring, allowing the integration of GTBridge in any environment
  • Built on the most recent Java J2e standards, GTBridge can be implemented in any operational environment
  • Innovative design allows automated rerouting of messages when an application is not available, ensuring continuity of service

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