Product overview

In today’s complex and high-volume global payments environment, it is more challenging than ever to keep pace and effectively ensure compliance with sanctions and anti-money laundering requirements. For many organizations, existing sanctions screening programs and related technology have not kept up. The burden of potential fines and negative impact on reputation is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Bottomline Watchlist Screening enables organizations to confidently screen their transactions against global sanctions lists to ensure they are compliant with AML/CTF regulations. The solution matches customers and transactions against internal and imported watch lists (OFAC, FATF, NCCT, PEP, etc.) using advanced analytics and techniques, to reduce risk and decrease false positives.

Built for Your Needs

Benefits and features

Higher efficiency through intelligent detection of direct and indirect links between accounts and customers

Seamless integration with other Fraud and Financial Crime Solutions

Better control though the ability to tailor the level of precision that is required for matches to be identified and flagged


Comprehensive protection through the integrated management of more than 100 global sanctions lists ensuring the highest level of protection and accuracy

Detect suspicious activity quicker with real-time alerting and a solution that tracks activity across accounts and customers


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