Product overview

Bottomline's integrated treasury management suite of applications helps our clients stay one step ahead of the competition with modules covering international (cross-border) payments, domestic wire payments, domestic payments and low value payments (ACH) (US: tax payments and US: child support payments), global information reporting (SWIFT, BAI, and ISO CAMT), check and image services, fraud and risk services, positive pay for check and electronic payments, fraud scoring solution integration and check production and printing.

Built for your needs

Benefits and features

For the business client:

  • Improve efficiency in payment operations—consolidated and configurable view of all payments from all digital channels
  • Manage risks through configurable approval workflow, limits and restrictions
  • Make cross-currency payments without having to hold accounts in multiple currencies and associated F/X risk
  • Minimize payments fraud through the use of proactive fraud detection features

For the financial institution:

  • Offer a market-leading payment solution that will win Cash Management RFPs and increase your treasury services market share
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enable the shift away from checks to electronic payments, streamlining operations and reducing costs.
  • Provide optimal controls via robust user administration and fraud control services
  • Reduce back-office processing requirements with improved straight-through processing rules
  • Effectively manage multiple time zones, currencies, local language, holiday schedules, cutoff times and increase revenue from currency F/X


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