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Maximize engagement and profitability of your customer base.

Use payments and cash management data, plus online engagement metrics, to identify additional sales or relationship-building opportunities

BT documentation & messaging 60

Reduce churn through machine learning and AI-enabled predictors.

Drive more proactive customer outreach based on user and customer portfolio level behavior and activity

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Understand treasury service performance and penetration

Benchmark against peers to evaluate digital engagement levels and treasury service penetration

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Ensure merger and acquisition success

Manage mergers and acquisitions (M&A) risk and logistics from announcement to conversion and beyond, prioritizing lasting customer relationships and long-term engagement

Serve customers proactively through automatic task creation based on customer activities.

Identify your highest value customers and opportunities to grow and deepen those relationships.

No need to request custom reports from internal data analytics teams.

Understand how your most valuable customers are using your digital banking solutions. 

Predict how customers are likely to behave in the future via machine learning and AI models.

Monitor customer engagement at a deeper level via transactional user behavior.

Merger IQTM level reporting allows users to track and manage in real-time the key drivers of value during M&A scenarios.

Secure primary bank status

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Manage and grow with customer level transaction and service usage data

Visualize engagement activity, churn predictions and recommended upsell opportunities

Find untapped selling opportunities

Identify highest value customers and find opportunities to grow and deepen those relationships

Maximize Opps EODBIQ mediatext

Realize M&A synergies sooner

Migration EODBIQ mediatext

View migrating customers from M&A activity

Identify customer red-flags and clients who are “failing to thrive" during migration or may pose ongoing retention risk

Explore the Engagement Optimizer suite

Bottomline’s Engagement Optimizer Suite for Digital Banking meets your evolving needs through pre-packaged reports at different subscription levels that range from a free set of basic user and transactional system reports to more advanced and intelligent subscription levels that utilize machine learning-based predictions and “next-best” product recommendations.

If your organization is currently going through a merger, or plans to in the near future, Engagement Optimizer’s M&A specific reporting package, Merger IQ™, provides the insights to enable banks and credit unions to navigate the challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions. From levels of customer engagement, to identify churn risks or upsell opportunities, including cash management customers' login activities and usage of other services within online banking, this package mitigates risk while empowering financial institutions to support and grow existing and new customer relationships, throughout the merger and acquisition process — from announcement to post-conversion.



You will understand basic customer behaviors through analytics and views that show online engagement and relation to system performance. 

Log-in details including time spent by user

System uptime, response time and session concurrency

Self-service data extracts

Standard level



View transactional user base insights to evaluate customer engagement at a deeper level and to understand transaction behavior and demographic characteristics.

Includes Standard level plus:

Transaction volumes and value plus account balances by type

Expanded digital engagement including file imports, templates and alerts

User demographics including geography and browser type

Client level screens for large changes

Advanced level


Intelligent - Coming Soon

You get machine learning/AI predictive user insights to support deeper product penetration and stronger customer relationships.

Includes Advanced level plus:

Machine learning-based churn risk predictions

“Next best” product recommendations

Peer benchmarking for digital engagement levels and treasury service penetration

Expanded client-level screens based on rules you define

Intelligent level

Merger IQ

Merger IQ - Coming Soon

Merger IQ empowers you to track and manage in real-time the key drivers of value during M&A scenarios.

Includes intelligent level benefits plus:

Acquiree client conversion tracking, includes 3rd party data intake where required

Merger Program Office dashboards with legacy vs acquiree portfolio comparisons

M&A-specific churn prediction models and conversion benchmarks

merger iq level


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