Product overview

Our powerful data transformation and workflow engine provides a complete range of transformation, enrichment, and workflow capabilities to ensure that your organization will not require significant business process re-engineering of existing back-office applications to meet Swift message standards.

Regardless of the format and protocol, this service is the ideal tool to ensure complete interoperability between legacy, national, SEPA, DTCC and XML messaging standards. It is highly scalable and able to deliver significant cost reductions through improving business process automation.

Bottomline's Message Transformation and Enrichment service was the first Swift certified solution for SWIFTNet Funds and remains the only comprehensive solution for new MX standards covering order flows, transfers, reconciliation messages and price and cash forecast reporting. In addition, the service includes a library module of financial messaging standards that includes all Swift FIN and MX, SEPA, ISO20022, and many other critical formats.

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Benefits and features

Embedding more than 1500 financial messages from various standards (SWIFT MT, all ISO 20022, any XML, FIX, domestic clearing, ERP formats, etc.), Bottomline's Message Transformation and Enrichment service ensures fully centralized interoperability between all formats with no need to upgrade back-end applications. This reduces the cost of maintenance at the back-end systems level. The service further supports all format upgrades and provides full compliance with standard releases.

The graphical interface allows the dynamic design of sophisticated workflows based on any content or event. This creates an orchestration layer providing the facility to quickly design business flows and use the service as a central component to manage the financial flows and formats across the enterprise. This feature also allows the definition of best cost routing -- the financial messages being delivered to the lower cost networks depending on any content or event.

The J2e-based financial libraries provide full validation and can be integrated into other third-party packages. The libraries can also be called remotely via a wide range of connectors including web services. This provides the user with the possibility to centralize the management of standards, reduce the cost of maintenance for the other applications and ensure full compliance with the financial networks.

The graphical drag and drop user interface allows the creation of any type of transformation, including sophisticated transformation-condition rules, enrichment and call to external decision tables or proprietary code. This makes our service an orchestrator managing all of the transformations from multiple sources and formats, providing the user with the flexibility to quickly on-board new standards or applications.

The service's libraries also provide several off-the-shelf mappings such as SEPA and Funds, providing cost and time-effective compliance with business requirements.

Built on the latest JAVA and XML open standards, the service can be easily integrated into any environment or architecture, providing the user with the flexibility to select any operating system, including the cost-effective Linux platform.

The service also provides rule-based bulking and unbulking features, ensuring lower cost management of messages being sent via files instead of individual messages. This feature perfectly fits with SWIFT FileAct requirements and provides full compliance with file-based exchanges such as SEPA.


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