Product overview

Statement and Transaction Reconciliation provides real-time reconciliation and visibility across all business lines and market instruments including cash, general ledger, bank accounts, securities transactions, custodians holdings, funds, treasury, foreign exchange, money markets and precious metals. It can also be used to reconcile any other two-or three -way matching requirements, including flexible reporting and alerting capabilities that our clients may have today or in the future. Statement and Transaction Reconciliation is the only product to be officially Swift certified with the highest level of accreditation for eight years in succession and was one of the first in 2013 to be granted the coveted SWIFTReady Recon­ciliation label. Swift has certified Statement and Transaction Reconciliation as a replacement solution for Swift’s legacy Accord solution.

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Benefits and Features

Real-time reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments including cash nostro and giro, general ledger, bank accounts, securities transactions, custodians holdings, funds, treasury, foreign exchange, money markets, precious metals and custom generic reconciliation to ensure enterprise-wide reconciliation

Cross-linked modules to combine discrepancies (e.g. a securities holding discrepancy creates a cash discrepancy; both are linked together) ease the tracking of discrepancies

Multi-level configurable and sophisticated reconciliation rules to provide the highest automated rate of reconciliation, reducing manual processing and risk of errors

Powerful liquidity management, with cash reporting functionality providing a consolidated view of positions on all accounts

Sophisticated cash pooling services, guaranteeing the optimization of working capital

Flexibility and generic capabilities to provide a comprehensive automatic matching rate for both internal and external data sources in any format. Combined with configurable reporting facilities, the solution covers compliance requirements such as EMIR

Easy to deploy solution with web-based user interface providing simple and intuitive business controls

Powerful transformation engine ensures any format interoperability, including SWIFT, XML, Excel, ATM, Card, FIX, SIC, SECOM, SARIE and proprietary to incorporate any type of data

Extensible and business-driven rules allowing fully customizable facilities for reconciliation, exceptions, investigations, escalation, per business line, group, account, currency, etc.

User-defined alarms, pre-formatted claims, queries and exceptions follow-up

Dynamic dashboard reporting service significantly mitigates risk with timely alert and oversight views

Built on the latest open standards, the Bottomline reconciliation solution can easily be integrated into any environment, including LINUX with an integrated relational database


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