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Strategic Treasurer Treasury Update Podcast Episode #33

In 2019, treasurers are feeling more secure and able to defend their organization against fraud, but fraud still exists. Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer sits down with Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer and James Richardson, Head of Market Development of Bottomline Technologies to discuss the 2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey results.

They describe how making and receiving secure payments should and should not look, along with other ways some need to step up and take action to prevent fraudulent behavior occurring in their organization. Listen in to their discussion.

56% of corporates experienced cyber fraud or data theft in the previous 12 months. Reduce your risk

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Research Report

2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Report

For the 4th year running, Strategic Treasurer and Bottomline Technologies have partnered to develop a comprehensive market research initiative covering the realm of treasury fraud and controls. This year, our research has uncovered vital insights related to the fraud environment.


2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Report Infographic

The results are in: Fraud is widespread, but companies are getting more confident in their ability to combat it.

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