The support described below applies to Bottomline’s software and software-as-a-service offerings. Capitalized terms not defined below have the meaning given to them in the Terms.   


Support Hours & Requests. Customers with an active, fully paid-up support and maintenance agreement with Bottomline will receive support and maintenance that includes: advice and technical support, use of remote access tools for troubleshooting, case tracking, status updates, provision of resolutions, resolution plans or workarounds for software incidents and defects, escalation paths and general upgrades improving performance of the Products and Services (collectively, “Support”). Telephone support is provided between 8:00 AM ET and 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, excluding Bottomline holidays. Secure, password-protected access to Bottomline’s customer support website and Knowledge Centered Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, unless otherwise set forth here. Support requests may be made by Customer via telephone, email, or Internet to Bottomline’s Help Desk.  The contact information for the Help Desk can be found here based on region and type of Products and Services. 

SaaS Availability.  For Software-as-a-Service products, Bottomline will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Products and Services available to Customers 99.5% of the time measured on a monthly basis for each full calendar month, as a percentage of total hours of availability for such month, excluding periods that the Products and Services are unavailable due to Excluded Events. For the purposes of this section “availability” shall mean the ability to access and use the Products and Services. An “Excluded Event” means any time that the Products and Services are not available due to any of the following: (i) network, Internet or telecommunications, or third party service provider problems outside of Bottomline’s control;  (ii)  failure of Customer’s hardware and/or software; (iii) any scheduled or emergency maintenance period; (iv) problems with Customer’s networks, including LANS, WANS, or any failure of such networks to conform to any capacity requirements; (v) failure of the source of electricity or failure to provide a reasonable physical environment for the Products and Services; or (vi) network intrusions, denial of service attacks or any other force majeure events.  

SaaS Maintenance. Bottomline, at its sole discretion, regularly conducts scheduled maintenance on its Software-as-a-Service product to perform routine software and hardware upgrades and the systems supporting the Products and Services. Additionally, emergency maintenance may be necessary to fix deficiencies or to address unexpected risks to the Products and Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that access to the Products and Services may be degraded during maintenance periods. Bottomline will use commercially reasonable efforts to schedule maintenance at non-peak hours when possible. 

System Requirements.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that use of the Products and Services requires (i) maintenance of an Internet connection and browser on each Authorized User’s workstation with adequate bandwidth and the minimum system requirements as set forth in the Documentation; (ii) configuration of browsers to access the Products and Services’ websites, dashboards and portals; and (iii) verification that firewalls and proxy servers allow access to the Products and Services. 

Support Limitations. Bottomline has the sole discretion to prioritize and correct Incidents (as defined below).  Bottomline will not be responsible for supporting or correcting any Incidents that are (i) not reproducible by Bottomline;  (ii) on modified versions of the Products and Services; or (iii) software incidents related to any of the following: Customer infrastructure, failure to install or implement all software releases made available to Customer; changes to Customer’s operating system or environment that adversely affect the Products and Services; any alterations of or additions to the Products and Services made by a third party; use of the Products and Services in a manner for which such Products and Services were not designed or not otherwise in conformance with the Documentation; or accident, negligence or misuse of the Products and Services.

Standard Support. Customers who purchase the Products and Services will receive Standard Support which includes:

Unlimited phone,  access to support during standard call center hours;

Unlimited access to Bottomline’s Customer Care Portal, including case tracking and status updates;

2 named Authorized Users that can log incidents;

Response times of 4 business hours for Severity 1 incidents, 1 business day for Severity 2 incidents, 3 business days for Severity 3 incidents and 5 business days for Severity 4 incidents; and Email notifications for critical updates to the Products and Service.

Target Responses; Resolution of Incidents.

Bottomline will respond to Incidents in accordance with the target response and resolution times set forth in the table below.  For the purposes of this section, the term “Incident” shall mean a material defect in the Products and Services that prevents the Products and Services from conforming in any material respect to the Documentation. Bottomline will determine, in its sole discretion, the applicable severity level of any reported Incident in accordance with the descriptions set forth below.  All Critical and High Incidents must be reported to Bottomline’s Help Desk via telephone.

BT assets 187


Inability to use the application for absolutely necessary business transactions. All users are impacted

BT action 86


Limitations or restrictions to important functionality causing a specific part of the system to fail. Impact to a subset of total users.

BT action 84


Inconvenience to perform business transactions; work around allows business processing to continue. Impacts few users.

BT action 89


Little or no effect on business functionality and no impact on business processing. Very few users impacted.


Critical - Incidents will be acknowledged within 4 business hours.

High - Incidents will be acknowledged within 1 business day.

Medium - Incidents will be acknowledged within 3 business days.

Low - Incidents will be acknowledged within 5 business days.


Last Updated:  February 15, 2023

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