Boost EBITDA and revenue

At Bottomline, we're committed to helping businesses maximize their EBITDA growth while securing their financial future. Our fast, secure and revenue-generating payment types can reduce costs and increase rebates by 50% or more, allowing you to reinvest in growth initiatives.

We don't just sell Paymode-X; we use it ourselves. Last year, we generated $275k+ in rebates using Paymode-X, and we want to help you achieve equally impressive results. As a fellow Thoma Bravo portfolio company, we're also offering special incentives to get you started.

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Connect Secure
Fraud free network

Zero fraud and better supplier enrollment

  • Bottomline cares about financial security. By using enhanced, industry-leading payment technology, Paymode-X processes $400 billion of fraud-free payments to 550,000+ businesses annually with zero instances of fraud.
  • It's likely over 50% of your suppliers are already on the Paymode-X network, ready for electronic payments and fraud protection on day one.
  • Paymode-X uses more than 300 data points to validate vendors and make sure they are indeed who they say they are. All of these validations are done before you ever make a payment.
  • All vendor onboarding is handled for you, eliminating the need for your staff to field questions and guide enrollments. 

Key benefits of Paymode-X

More rebates =

We simplify vendor payments with the largest network of acceptors for digital payments; you'll notice an increase in rebates instantly.

8/10 customers earned 50% more cash-back rebates

Save time, earn
and save money 

Most customers cut processing costs and time by 75%. Automating time-consuming tasks will allow your team to focus on strategic, high-value projects that drive your company forward—turning your AP team into a source of income for your company. 

Full automation
and visibility

Improve visibility and control over transactions with 24/7 monitoring and no outages. Our detailed remittance information allows for easy reconciliation, increased efficiency and full control of your payments.

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How much could you save with AP automation software?

Take a spin at using our ROI calculator to see how much Paymode-X’s automated invoicing and payment processes could save your business.

Calculate your annual savings

Your total AP spend for the past calendar year
Your total number of AP transactions for the past calendar year
The total number of invoices you've received in the last calendar year
* Indicates a required field

Eliminate or automate every AP process you use today and you could realize these benefits: 

Annual rebates
The cash back on AP spend you can expect to receive by enrolling Vendors in Premium ACH and card payments.


Annual Cost savings
The money you will be able to save by digitizing more of your payments mix, removing paper checks and invoices from the process.


Annual net benefit
Annual Net Benefit = Annual Rebates + Cost Savings - Recurring Fees


Adjust the calculator settings to see how much you could save by switching to Paymode-X.

Want to know your cost savings & net benefits?

Fill out a quick form to receive an all you need to know PDF.

Disclaimer: The results based on this calculator are indicative only and any actual savings may be greater or less than those shown.

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