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Banking financial messaging

Securely communicate, reconcile, and manage the data in financial documents within and between financial institutions. Connect to SWIFT and other networks with a comprehensive, high-speed, and secure connection hub.

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The Challenge

Financial institutions face continuing pressures for the need to facilitate transactions across disparate geographies and to support increasing multi-bank and counterparty relationships. With a fragmented global mosaic of messaging formats and standards, organizations face a variety of financial messaging challenges.

Our Solution

The financial messaging solution from Bottomline is a supremely powerful and high-performance financial messaging hub, providing agnostic and seamless connection to a wide range of financial messaging networks, including SWIFT, FIX, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, EBICS, secured email, Fax, and other proprietary infrastructures.

This premium solution supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparties, delivering control, transparency, and proven efficiencies to financial institutions around the globe. It harmonizes a disparate matrix of formats and protocols, ensuring complete interoperability between SWIFT, legacy, domestic, and XML messaging standards.

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Bottomline’s high-performance financial messaging solution is a sophisticated messaging platform that addresses today's cost and risk concerns, allowing financial institutions to focus on core value propositions and revenue generation. Flexible and configurable, it is able to fully integrate internal business applications, external networks, and a wide range of market infrastructures.

  • Multi-network architecture connects to a wide range of financial networks and protocols, including SWIFT, FIX, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, EBICS, secured email, fax, and other proprietary infrastructures
  • Consolidated view of any message type with configurable alerts, dashboards, and monitoring features for total control of the transaction flows
  • Global network reach, with market-leading transformation functionality to accommodate domestic and proprietary protocols and standards
  • Intelligent data routing to ensure lowest-cost messaging transport
  • Configurable reporting, business intelligence, and dashboard providing compliance and improved STP
  • Cost-efficient and quick solution deployment
  • Proven solution relied upon by the world's largest banking groups
High performance
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Bottomline’ s financial messaging solution boasts the best scalability available anywhere on the market today.

  • Global network architecture supports several high availability and clustering designs for uninterrupted 24x7 service and data accessibility with no single point of failure
  • Ability to harmonize a wide range of formats providing a single window for any message type
  • Best-in-class SWIFTNet implementation, enriched with any-XML support, along with other proprietary messages and a SWIFT emulation for internal message switch
  • Unified end-to-end solution for payment security, covering 3Skey digital identification and authentication
  • Web-based user interface streamlines complex financial message entry and repair tasks
  • Sophisticated content and event-based workflows, multiple validation stages, access to third-party application via webservices and exit points
  • Complex conditional and rule-based bulking
  • Only messaging platform to provide a centralized message store, synchronizing all message flows and providing a cross-hub view on any message processed by any branch of the organization
  • User-defined dashboards and rule-based alerts

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