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Payments and Cash Management

Bottomline's Payments and Cash Management solutions empower financial institutions to compete in commercial banking and win the battle for primary ownership of the customer relationship. The platform enables banks to engage intelligently with customers, deliver a unified experience, and acquire, deepen and grow profitable relationships with businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large corporates.

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The Challenge

Businesses want to work with banks that can deliver a superior digital experience. You must offer a more compelling technology experience that not only enhances but grows the customer relationship. Business professionals are also consumers, and they will evaluate partners based on digital experience.

An inferior digital experience will erode customer loyalty over time and cause them to consider working with another provider. But when you deliver a superior digital experience, you will win their loyalty, putting you in the best position to win primary bank status.

Our Solution

Banks use our integrated digital engagement platform to deploy a powerful combination of world-class payments and cash management services, rich UI and UX capabilities, and advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Payments and Cash Management platform enriches the customer experience and deepens customer engagement, offering banks and their customers actionable insights to grow, manage and protect their businesses.

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Customer Success Story

Regional U.S. Bank Poised to Win Primary Customer Relationships with Digital Banking Transformation


Video — Protect and Secure Payments Processes

White Paper

Digital Banking – How to Win in a Digitally Competitive World

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  • Deepen customer relationships by intelligently engaging with customers in all digital channels
  • Support robust business and corporate banking capabilities via persona-based workflows
  • Drive customer loyalty through insightful, personalized experiences powered by artificial intelligence
  • Build trust and reinforce business value via branding configurations
  • Protect your institution and business customers via embedded fraud management capabilities driven by machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Solidify platform success by working with a strategic advisor, backed by deep domain expertise and implementation experience
New digital platforms and channels will attract 30% of traditional corporate banking revenue in the next 5 years
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Digital Banking IQ Functionality


  • Market-leading payments and cash management
  • Superior user interface and branding configuration, plus AI-enabled features to give customers the intelligent engagement experience they expect from all digital channels
  • Personalized, intuitive and rewarding customer experience that wins customer loyalty and helps deliver more assets
  • Built-in B2B integrated payables network so corporate payers can streamline payment operations and monetize accounts payable
  • Standards-based API gateway for banks and their partners to build and bundle the products and services that matter to customers
  • Embedded payment fraud protection and continuous risk assessment

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