Accounts payable invoice processing

Automate invoice capture, validation, PO matching, workflow, ERP integration, and reporting.

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The Challenge

Is your organization one of the more than 70% of companies that process half of their invoices and continue to pay most bills on paper? Do you want to eliminate the inherent inefficiencies of relying on manual, paper-based processes in a way with quantifiable ROI? How do you reduce costs and errors, improve cash flow predictability, and support regulatory compliance?

Our Solution

Bottomline's accounts payable invoice processing solution provides a full invoice processing lifecycle to help organizations overcome the cost, time, and errors associated with manual invoice handling. With functionality for capturing incoming supplier invoice data, our solution easily integrates with any ERP, enabling 2- and 3-way matching for PO-based invoices, exception processing where a match cannot be found, and automatic routing of non-PO based invoices to appropriate personnel for G/L coding and approval. Users are able to perform a complete online review of all invoices and to generate reports reflecting invoice status and productivity.

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White Paper

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The AP Automation Payoff eBook

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  • Improve accountability and accelerate processing cycles with increased invoice visibility.
  • Have greater enforcement of financial and legal compliance regulations with a fully auditable record of each invoice, including the ability to view related documents both inside and outside of your ERP.
  • Boost your cash yield and leverage early payment discounts as well as existing technology like your ERP and/or SharePoint Solution.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership with a packaged solution with pre-built workflow and reports to speed up implementation time.
  • Reduce costs by automating the cumbersome processes of invoice and payment processing and eliminating wasteful, costly steps associated with processing paper.
  • Gain efficiencies with automated matching, approval workflows, and payment management.
  • Reduce fraud, errors, and the burden on your IT and AP resources.
  • Improve productivity and services levels by accelerating the migration to electronic payments.
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Full invoice visibility within the familiar ERP environment


  • Full invoice visibility within the familiar ERP environment
  • Transparent processing of all supplier invoices for greater compliance and regulatory controls
  • Secure, real-time data integration with ERP
  • Easy access to stored invoice data and images within ERP
  • Pre-built workflows and reports
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Customer Testimonials

"With less manual effort and automated integration into our ERP System, Transform AP helps individuals do their jobs more effectively."
Darrin Jameson, Director of Transaction Accounting, Nelnet, Inc.