Improve patient and clinician satisfaction and reduce costs with digital forms management. Protect healthcare data and prevent fraud.

Create, manage, deliver, and present electronic forms. Capture discrete data, eSignature, images, and annotations across platforms and devices. Protect healthcare information, prevent fraud, and meet HIPAA and HITECH mandates.

Our Healthcare Solutions Include:


Healthcare eCapture

Capture discrete healthcare data elements, photos, diagram annotations, and multimedia presentations across platforms and devices.


Healthcare eSignature

Obtain electronic signatures and capture eForms.


Healthcare On-Demand Forms with Print Automation

Print, complete, and sign pre-populated, barcoded form packets, including wristbands and labels, and process downtime registrations.


Healthcare Privacy and Data Security

Following HIPAA and HITECH mandates, create a full cross-application audit trail of end-user access to protected health information, detect unauthorized user behavior in real-time, and replay interactions when needed to help detect and prevent fraud.


Paymode-X Payment Network for Healthcare

Leverage the payment network that has over 365,000 Vendors already enrolled to quickly convert AP checks to electronic and earn Dividends.

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