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Healthcare on-demand forms with print automation

Print, complete, and sign pre-populated, barcoded form packets, including wristbands and labels, and process downtime registrations.

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The Challenge

Speed and quality are measured by the second and the click—staff are under immense pressure to work very quickly, while keeping the patient comfortable. Even if systems go offline, staff must continue to register patients. If internet service is disrupted or the registration system is down, it can be impossible to capture mission critical health information as well as produce the correct forms packet quickly and easily.

Our Solution

On-Demand forms with print automation provides a single, easy-to-use interface for users to complete, sign, or print pre-populated form packets on-demand, including wristbands and labels. Quickly and easily print the needed form packet, or use Bottomline’s eSignature and eCapture solutions to complete forms electronically. Better yet, manage all form templates across the enterprise in one location—whether digital or paper-based.

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The Paper vs Data Program in US Healthcare Registrations

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  • Boost patient and clinician satisfaction with pre-filled forms, wristbands and labels by accepting and securely storing HL7 and other data streams from virtually any hospital information system—no custom development required. Your patient data is always up-to-date, and paperwork takes less time to complete.
  • Save costs by eliminating pre-printed forms, and standardize forms processes across the enterprise, including the ability to produce forms in any language.
  • Continue to register patients, even when systems are down. Patient data can be manually entered, generating a forms packet which can be electronically signed and completed, or printed and scanned later.
  • Have the right forms packet ready and waiting, and automatically printed to eliminate manual interaction with forms.
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Smart sets


  • SmartSets helps pre-configure forms packets to ensure that caregivers can confidently produce the right forms every time using pre-defined form packets based on custom business rules.
  • AutoPop functionality means you have the right forms ready and waiting. It provides notifications about what forms are waiting to be signed and completed. AutoPop automatically generates the right forms packet based on what’s happening in your EHR system, saving clicks for your registration staff.
  • Secure, password-protected access protects patient information and enforces HIPAA compliance with forms containing Protected Health Information (PHI). All actions are logged for tracking and reprint purposes according to HIPAA regulations.
  • Multiple HL7 version support allows you to securely accept inbound data feeds from multiple upstream systems, and to streamline and scale deployment across the enterprise.
  • MedEx allows mission-critical admission and registration activities to continue during HIS downtime, whether scheduled or unscheduled. The downtime registration feature allows users to enter data directly into the MedEx patient database and generate the correct forms packet.
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Customer Testimonials

"Our nurses and other staff members would spend lots of time assembling patient forms and hand delivering them to their correct destinations. Now the forms are automatically populated with patient information and patient packets, including wristbands, are directly printed on the proper floor, saving our staff valuable time and effort."
Linda Keefer, Senior Electronic Forms and Imaging Analyst, CMH Regional Health Systems

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